QUIS QUIS Devil's Trick Capt. Turquoise

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Product feature:

  • A hair color treatment that colors damaged hair better.
  • Just apply and wait for 5 min. Easy with bare hands.
  • Ion color that the positive ion pigment attaches to the negative ions in damaged hair to make the vivid color.
  • Intensive damage care with Jojoba seed oil and camellia seed oil.
  • Returns to the original hair color after around a week so can casually change the hair color.
  •  Mojito scent.

How to use:
1. Comb dry hair well.
2. Take the color treatment on the hand. (Okay with the bare hands.)
3. Blend it on the hair and wait for 5 min.
4. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Shampoo the hair as usual.


  • The finished color may differ from person to person depending on the original hair color, damage condition, and hair type. Healthy hair, black hair, or gray hair may not be colored.
  • Not for gray hair.
  • Please do not use if there are any troubles such as a boil, swelling, eczema on the scalp.


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