QUIS QUIS Devil's Trick Magical Milky (28g)

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Product feature:

  • A hair treatment that makes a milky color by mixing with any items from "Quis Quis Devil’s Trick" series.
  • Mix and adjust at your favorite amount. Make a soft "Milky color" like the paint as you want.
  • Provides moisture by a treatment effect to the damaged hair caused by repeatedly dye or bleach.
  • Milk scent.

How to use:
1. Mix with other colors at your favorite amount in the container to make a milky color.
2. Comb dry hair well.
3. Take the color treatment on the hand. (Okay with the bare hands.)
4. Blend it on the hair and wait for 5 min.
5. Rinse thoroughly.
6. Shampoo the hair as usual.


  • The finished color may differ from person to person depending on the original hair color, damage condition, and hair type. Healthy hair, black hair, or gray hair may not be colored.
  • Not for gray hair.
  • Please do not use if there are any troubles such as a boil, swelling, eczema on the scalp.


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