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BRIGHT & WHITE Transparent White Gel Cream (50g)

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Product feature:

  • Contains brightening(*1) ingredient, tranexamic acid, and ingredients to be elastic transparent skin.
  • The moisturizing gel cream permeates into the cornified layer and stops the action of melanocytes, which are the cause of spots, so it prevents the formation of new spots.
  • Prevents rough skin due to UV damage and keeps the skin healthy.
  • Get an amazing transparent skin(*2) by locking plenty of skin moisture
  • *1 Suppresses formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.
  • *2 Moisturized and smooth skin

How to use:

  • After washing the face in the morning and evening, condition the skin with face lotion. ("TRANSPARENT White Lotion" is recommended.)
  • Take a moderate amount and apply it gently to the whole face.

Suitable skin type:

  • Normal skin



*Photo for reference only.