Sakura Fair

10 (Thu) Mar - 30 (Wed) Mar 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Festival Walk, apm, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, Metroplaza stores

The long-awaited Sakura season in Japan will begin in March. While overseas travellers are unfortunately still not able to visit Japan, you can still get a taste of the pink blooms safely at home with the sakura-themed products LOG-ON has prepared for you.

Bloom at home

Although the pandemic might have restricted us from witnessing the sakura blooms in Japan, there is no stopping us from recreating the festive atmosphere at home for our private enjoyment. Fancy a cherry blossom scent at your home? Have a look at our sakura-themed home collections from Japan, and immerse yourself in nature with fragrances, essential oils, candles and much more.

Beauty with Sakura Bloom

Japan’s national treasure, sakura has proven benefits for human skin, and its extract has become a popular beauty ingredient worldwide. Try one of LOG-ON’s carefully curated skincare products with sakura-infused ingredients, and indulge yourself in the beauty that the sakura season has to offer.

Wonder Honey Hand Cream Sakura & Aroma Essence Shower Sakura

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash N(Scent Of Sakura And Peach)

LuLuLun Sakura Cleansing Balm

Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Bright Mask 7p

BOTANIST Spring Hair Perfume (Sakura & Jasmine)

Sonny Angel Cherry Blossom - Peaceful Spring Edition

Sonny Angel and cherry blossoms are a pair made in heaven to provide healing to our souls. This time around, Sonny Angel is dressed in green and pink, which represents the cherry blossoms in spring and the glimpse of hope that the season offers to all walks of life, as the both of you await the arrival of sakura season with a smile.

Sakura Season Special - Manual Factory Mirori Key Chain

LOG-ON Manual Factory strives to present you with a greater choice of personalised items, and that dedication extends to cherry blossom season. At LOG-ON Harbour City, you will have a chance to customise your very own Mimori key chain. The acrylic Mimori key chains come in two different styles. Apart from choosing your preferred blessing, be it luck, romance or health, you can also write down personalised phrases on your Mimori, and wear it for more blessings, from sakura season onwards.