Herschel Supply BE@RBRICK (100% / 400% / 1000%)
Herschel Supply BE@RBRICK Tote
Herschel Supply BE@RBRICK Men’s Tee
Herschel Supply BE@RBRICK Mosby Curve Cap
Hot Toys Stormtrooper (Metallic Color Version) COSBABY (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set
Hot Toys Deadpool (Grey Version) COSBABY (S) Bobble-Head
Hot Toys Deadpool (Unicorn Riding Version) COSBABY (S) Bobble-Head
Hot Toys Deadpool (Grenade Holding Version) COSBABY (S) Bobble-Head
Fitbit Versa
Available in multiple colors
Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Ionic
Available in multiple colors
Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Aria 2 -White
Fitbit Aria 2 -Black
Doraemon Post Office x Lucky Cat Deliver your Greetings

Doraemon Post Office x Lucky Cat Deliver your Greetings

The adorable Doraemon look-alike Lucky Cat, is now at your service at Doraemon’s Post Office. Possessing the power of bringing customers and fortune to shops, it is waving at you to visit and drop your posts right now. DING DONG Takuhaibin has exclusively been granted the official copyright of Doraemon, Lucky Cat now arrives at the Doraemon Post Office in Times Square atrium to collect your postcards until the end of February. Later they will deliver your handwritten postcards in the specified month this year.

What's more, Doraemon Post Office special edition and Valentine’s Day edition collectibles are also available at the Post Office. Come and share the joy at this cheerful and cartoonic Doraemon Post Office.

Limited 300 pieces of Doraemon and Lucky Cat Cast Bronze Sculpture

To celebrate the return of Doraemon Post Office, we have brought back to the pop-up store the popular sculpture series, this time the first-ever bronze casting Doraemon and Lucky Cat sculpture edition. Customers who have pre-ordered the Doraemon bronze sculpture are entitled to pre-order the Lucky Cat bronze sculpture. We are excited to announce that all 300 quotas are already full within a few hours after pre-order opening. 

Inspired by the Japanese simplicity and naturalness, Doraemon Post Office is mainly made use of timber and fabric in order to create harmony by the lines, forms and spaces. Featuring the timber slats wall, two different Doraemon patterns can be found from one of the facades of the Post Office!


Heartwarming Post Office

To continue the momentum on the very first Doraemon Post Office during Christmas in 2017 Doraemon Post Office 2.0 is launched in this year. The new Post Office is not only featured with traditional Japanese style, it is also filled with love. Some collectibles are even in Valentine’s Day theme. The new Doraemon Post Office would also become a checkpoint for couples taking selfies and imersing in love.

Dear Future You
Doraemon Future Postcard Mailing Service

The new future postcard mailing service lets you send your heartwarming blessings and wishes to the future. Simply specify the month that you would like to send. After writing your own messages, Doraemon and Lucky Cat will chop a special stamp on the postcard and send your postcard to your beloved ones at the specified month. The future mailing service runs through a year until January 2020. This unique and personalized gift must amaze your dear friends.

How to post a Doraemon postcard? 

Step 1:

Purchase your postcard 
Over 20 special edition postcards, including the Post Office limited edition, can be selected at the Doraemon Post Office.

Ranging from Post Office theme, birthday theme to festive postcards, over 20 styles postcards are available to select from. Some postcards are even made of wood in order to be coherent with the Post Office design.

Step 2:

Lucky Cat DIY zone
To extend your creativity and your imagination, you could design and write your heartfelt messages on your own postcard at the Lucky Cat DIY zone. Don't forget to chop our limited edition of Doraemon Post Office stamps.

Local postage is included in the retail price. The mailing service is only available for addresses within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Step 3:

Mail your postcards into Doraemon postbox
After mailing your postcard into Doraemon postbox, Postman Doraemon will chop a special stamp and send in specified month.

A special stamp will be chopped on your postcard after mailing your postcards.

Step 4:

Get an instant reply from the future
Mail your postcard into Doraemon’s mailbox and get an instant response from the future.

The instant response from the future allows you to look back at this memorable event.


The Story of Lucky Cat
One day while Doraemon was walking on the streets, he came across an abandoned cat. Doraemon went door to door to see if anyone would take care of it , but he was not successful. Doraemon decided to feed the cat his gadget ‘Lucky Cat Food’. This gadget gives the cat the power to attract four customers to the shop. The cat attracted a famous food critic to the ramen shop who gave postive feedback on the ramen shop. This brought a crowd to the ramen shop and the cat also became part of the store's icon.


Don’t miss our latest Doraemon x DING DONG Takuhaibin Post Office Collection!

Postman Doraemon is now here again since the 2017 Christmas! Doraemon also brings along with a series of limited and lovely collectibles, including the post office themed products and housewares, the brand new Lucky Cat series, comfy denim series as well as Valentine’s Day series. They are all limited, beautiful yet practical.

 [Heart-warming Housewares]

Doraemon Bean Bag Sofa HK$980

Pre-order only

Will be available in early April. Please visit LOG-ON Facebook page for further information.

Doraemon Post Office Apron HK$280

Enjoy a complimentary leather embossing service in LOG-ON upon purchase of designated Doraemon apron.

*The service is only available with designated font types and position.

*The service is provided only in Harbour City, Festival Walk, Cityplaza and New Town Plaza shops.

 Doraemon Gadget Quick Dry Mat HK$300


 [Heartfelt Valentine’s Series]

Doraemon Keychain (Red/Blue) (HK$150/pcs)

Doraemon Tee Shirt  HK$340/pcs

Doraemon Gadget Mug (A Set of Two) HK$260


Doraemon Post Office POP UP Store 
Date: 12 to 28 February 2019
Venue: Times Square atrium, Causeway Bay

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The Glow of Love: Rediscover the Colours of Love

The Glow of Love: Rediscover the Colours of Love

If love has a colour, what would it be?

Red, like fire? Or white, for purity? Love, in the eyes of emerging Hong Kong illustrator Pei Chung, is the fusion of pink and yellow — a combination of sweetness and warmth that encapsulates the most beautiful shades of love.

Pei Chung is best-known for his watercolour works that capture his internal turmoil and views of the world. Unveiling his latest series on Love, an exclusive exhibition for LOG-ON, the artist captured the many shades of romance through a dreamy palette. Pei Chung’s ‘The Glow of Love’ exhibition is open until 17 March in LOG-ON ToGather Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay.

Young local illustrator, Pei Chung, has amassed a huge following online and has collaborated with top fashion labels at a young age.


‘The Glow of Love’ depicts love in its many forms and shapes.

Pink: The Dreamy Planet of Love

“Pink, the colour of being in love, is heartwarming and dreamy.”

Before we met Pei Chung, one would easily mistake his art for a young woman’s work because of their colours, intimacy and subject. Tall and slender, Pei Chung exudes genuine warmth and humility — qualities that are evident in his work. His characters, composed of delicate brushwork and fine lines, are often placed in whimsical, dream-like fantasies that are intriguingly comforting and cathartic.

The exhibition is covered in shades of pink, which according to the artist, captures what falling in love should ‘look and feel’ like. ‘The Pink Planet’, the centrepiece of the exhibition, is symbolic of the best moments in a relationship. “Love is bittersweet, even sour and bitter at times. These feelings are ubiquitous for enamoured couples as well as those who have fallen out of love. I want us to always remember the good”, Pei Chung explained.

The bubbles surrounding the pink planet are a common feature in Pei Chung’s work. To him, the fragile bubbles epitomise the beautiful yet fleeting nature of love.


‘Lemon Iced Tea’ is Pei Chung’s personal favourite in the ongoing exhibition

Yellow: The Small Details of Love

“Small relationship gestures and trivialities are uplifting. It’s the little things that make falling in love such a wonderful thing.”

When asked about his favourite piece, Pei Chung immediately picked ‘Lemon Iced Tea’ displayed by the entrance. Depicted in a three-act structure, Pei Chung painted a fond memory of sipping lemon iced tea with his loved one. The iced tea arrived at the table, and without a word, his lover who sat opposite him took the tea and started ‘poking’ the lemon slices. Lemon iced tea with super-sour flavour is Pei Chung’s favourite drink, and seeing that his loved one cared so much about him warmed his heart.

Pei Chung loves to pair pink with yellow and shared his thought with us, “Yellow is a warm colour, and along with pink, they symbolise a caring and loving guy.” Most of the artist’s works feature flamboyant yet vague backgrounds that illustrate the state of mind when one’s in love — you simply can’t think straight or function normally!


The ‘darker’ section of the exhibition features intense shades of blue and black, in striking contrast to the pink series that symbolises true love.

Blue: The Dark Side of Relationships

“Being hurt and intense sadness often fuel my creativity.”

The dark shades seem oddly out of place in the sea of pink. Blue, however, is often used by the artist to convey darkness (blue is a cold colour) and mystery. The blue and black series reexamine love and public perceptions of the subject. Pei Chung challenges conventions by painting about secret underground relationships, cheating and betrayal, and sugar-coated homophobia.

Social pressure put a strain even on the most loving relationship. According to Pei Chung, it’s daunting to date in Hong Kong and trying to fit into socially-accepted boxes. In one of his works paints the all-too-familiar story of a long-term couple who fell madly in love with one another — their love was white and pure at the time — but all that changed when they grew up and felt increasingly boxed in by society and people around them. Their relationship became complicated and unfathomable.

By now you might ask, is Pei Chung an expert on love? The artist chuckled and admitted he has only dated twice, but he has had his fair share of heartbreak. The catch is, though, each time an old wound gets reopened, it comes with inspiration for his work. So perhaps it’s not too bad for an artist to experience bad love?


Expect the Unexpected with Watercolour

“Watercolour is mesmerising because of its unpredictable character. It’s dreamy and grounding at the same time.”

Pei Chung has been an avid painter since a young age. He found watercolour in high school and it has, since, become his way of expression. Water and colours are his tools, Pei Chung reinvents everyday stories with his paintbrush. His works are distinctive for their dry and crisp brushstrokes, a contrary to the wishy-washy watercolour paintings we are accustomed to. Another technique that Pei Chung uses to create his fantastical backgrounds is wet-on-wet, where he applies colours onto a wet surface. The artist often paints on coarse paper that adds texture to his work.

Pei Chung pinned his work on display panels to share his view on love — something so monumental that is equally fragile and evanescent.


 ‘The Glove of Love’ Exhibition by Pei Chung
Date: 17 January to 17 March 2019
Venue: LOG-ON ToGather Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

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The Hong Kong Retail Management Association Retail Excellence Award and Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Customer Service)

The Hong Kong Retail Management Association Retail Excellence Award and Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Customer Service)

Providing customers with top-quality service has always been our mission. We are pleased to announce that LOG-ON has received two external awards recently:

1) The Hong Kong Retail Management Association Retail Excellence Award, Silver Award


Manual Factory Service - for our personalised gifting service at LOG-ON.


2) Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Customer Service), Merit Certificate

Magic 6: Service Uplift Program - for about our excellent service at LOG-ON. 


We will continue to pursue excellence in service and provide you with premium services.

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