Eleeels Therapeutic Massage Gun
Eleeels Therapeutic Massage Gun
$2,800.00 $3,299.00
Fitbit Inspire HR
Available in multiple colors
PlayStation®4 Pro 2TB Jet Black
PlayStation®VR with PlayStation®Camera
PlayStation®4 Pro 1TB  Jet Black
Fitbit Inspire HR
Available in multiple colors
Fitbit Versa Lite
Available in multiple colors
Fitbit Versa Lite
Fitbit Ionic
Available in multiple colors
Fitbit Ionic
Sakura Temptations: Embrace the Pinkish Spring

Sakura Temptations: Embrace the Pinkish Spring

Pure and dignified, enchanting yet fleeting - it is sakura, reminding us to live life to its fullest to make it worth. The ‘kingdom of cherry blossom’, Japan, is known around the world for her grand sakura festivals every March and April. The Japanese believe that the spring-blooming sakura marks the beginning of a new year. Their ancient tradition of sakura viewing, known as hanami in Japanese, has been passed down through generations since hundreds of years ago, people enjoyed the dazzling beauty of the blooming flowers with their loved ones, breathed in fresh air of spring to get energized in the coming year.

In this sakura blooming season, prepare yourself to be a sakura girl and embrace this lovely flower.


── There is a Japanese saying ‘seven days of sakura’, meaning the blooming of sakura only lasts for seven days, resembling the impermanence of beauty.

Record your feelings towards sakura
Recording is also a process of thinking – you observe it carefully when sketching down its beauty, and your feelings are revealed between the lines when trying to describe it.  Pick up your favourite on-season stationery to enjoy the fun of recording sakura while communicating with it intimately.

Sakura Notebook

Moleskine Sakura Edition Notebook (L) HK$258 (S) HK$198

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Moleskine has launched the Sakura Edition Notebook series this year for users to organize thoughts, collect ideas and inspirations. This limited edition provides pink and white colours, with satin covers comfortable to the touch matching with layered floral patterns.

*Customers can get a complimentary sakura special edition mirror upon purchase of Moleskine Sakura Edition Notebook of any size.

*Available in all stores except Lab Concept.

Floral Colour Pencils

Trinus Sakura Pencil Set HK$188/set

The Trinus pencil set comes with a set of five different colours, each pen arm and pencil shaving in different floral shapes – Pink sakura, red plum blossom, yellow dandelion, green pine and purple balloon flower.

*Available in Times Square, Festival Walk, Fashion Walk and Harbour City stores.

Sakura Petals on Notebook Pages

For art enthusiasts who want to have sakura petals decorated on their diaries or schedule books, this collection of stickers is best to match with beautiful handwritings. There are nine versions varying in colour tones.

*Available in all stores except Lab Concept.


──Adorable and quiet, Sakura is the icon of love and hope, representing the ideal woman in people’s hearts.

Sakura Skincare Ideas
It is every girl’s dream to get sakura-like pinkish fair skin as delicate as petals, that’s why skincare brands launched their own sakura formulas one after another to improve skin quality thus realize the dreams of all girls. This is the time of year skincare brands start launching a succession of sakura themed products, which is going to make girls scream for their adorable spring packaging.

Get Natural Cherry Lips

ettusais Lip Essence (Limited Sakura Pink) HK$125

Plump up your lips with ettusais Lip Essence to give them a rich glossy luster. Its glycerol and citrus formula provide everlasting moist to your lips while its SPF18 PA++ prevents them from roughness and dryness. It keeps your lips watery with hyper gloss oil. The limited sakura pink edition creates pink healthy lips which brightens your skin.

24/7 Pinkish Fair Skin
ettusais Skincare Powder (Sakura Edition) HK$160

ettusais Skincare Powder blends anti-roughness mineral powder, evening primrose oil and aloe vera essence to smoothen and repair dry skins. The beauty ingredient prevents acne and smoothen uneven skin texture, making your skin fresh and a natural finish. It is a 24-hour skincare powder taking care of your day and night needs.

Emanate the Sweet Scent of Spring 

Amino Mason Moist/ Smooth Hair Care Set (Sakura Limited Kit) HK$263

The LOG-ON exclusive Amino Mason Sakura Limited Kit delights users with its fancy rosy metal lid of Mason Jar packing. The kit includes a set of shampoo and conditioner with the sweet fragrance of sakura. The series has a formula consisting of 18 types of amino acid essence plus natural plant ingredients, good for repairing dry hair.


──Sakura withers without a trace, symbolizing the spirit of Japan.

Creating Indoor Sakura
Extend the beauty and fragrance of sakura to your room and office, let this pinky flower brightens up your days.

The Soothing Fragrance

Motokura Sakura Room Fragrance 50ml HK$128


Decorated with sakura flowers, the sakura scent reed diffuser is suitable to place on your desk to brighten up your room. The scent can last for approximately one month.

Shop Now

Right Pick for Offices

Charley Sakura Parade Reed Diffuser 50ml – Sakura & Mimosa HK$158

This colourful series of Charley reed diffuser consists of different sakura scent combinations, such as sakura and mimosa, decorated with a coloured reed. The scent can last for more than a month.

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Admire Sakura Anytime

Art Print Japan 3D Sakura Card HK$38-$68

To share the beautiful sakura scenery with someone far away, send him a pop-up potted landscape card full of sakuras. Outlined with gold silk and gold foils, the card gives a surprising elegance. This paper miniature landscape is suitable to decorate your desk or hang on the wall. A message box is printed at the back of the card.

*Available in all stores except Lab Concept.


──A sakura tree blooms then withers within 16 days, blossoming and withering simultaneously, that is why it is so fascinating.

Listen to the Music of Spring

Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones Sakura Limited Edition HK$2,498

Master & Dynamic surprises its fans with its brand new rosy sakura pattern earphones, each pair has its unique pattern, looks as good as it sounds. The earphones adopt IPX 4 Splash Proof design and feature eye-catching, handcrafted acetate case with a durable finish.
*Available in Times Square, Festival Walk, Fashion Walk, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores.


Girls, increase your charm with the beauty of sakura this spring.

Sakura Temptations
Date: 14 Mar to 3 Apr 2019
Venue: All LOG-ON Stores


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Weekend Getaway for Stylish Urban Weekenders

Weekend Getaway for Stylish Urban Weekenders

Finally, it’s Friday night! No plans for the weekend yet? How about taking a quick adventure such as strolling around a little in a random place, or going up the hill or down by the seaside to recharge yourself in the beauty of nature? Wherever you go, go with all your heart, and also wear with all your heart. Forget those dull suits and heels, put on comfy clothing, dress your character and show the energy of streetwear, then get ready to have fun!

Welcome to the weekend, Urban Weekender!


Energetic – Kånken’s Spring/ Summer Aesthetics

Don’t forget your backpack, it is part of the fashion icon. The Swedish brand Fjällräven, presents its exciting new art series Kånken this spring and summer, its vibrant backpacks not only carry the belongings and essentials, but also the sensations of spring and summer.

Fjallraven Kånken Art Series

Fjallraven Kånken Art Backpack – Summer Landscape HK$850

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Fjallraven Kånken Art Backpack – Green Fable HK$850

Shop Now

Instead of its familiar monotonic design, Kånken surprises us this year by introducing the vibrant Kånken Art limited edition for boys and girls to get in touch with the nature. The series features designs from two Swedish young creatives, with Erik Olovsson’s colourful patterns inspired by landscape, and Cecilia Heikkilä’s abstract nature in Scandinavian style. The backpacks are made from G-1000® HeavyDuty Eco S, and is also part of the Arctic Fox Initiative. Purchase a bag to show your support to the environment.

*On 15 Feb, Kånken Art Series backpacks have been launched in LOG-ON at the same time with flagship stores worldwide, they are now available at our stores in Festival Walk, Times Square, Harbour City, Tai Po Mega Mall, iSQUARE, Langham Place and New Town Plaza.

Exclusive promotion!
Embroider your bag to make it personal

Personalize your Kånken bag by embroidering your name or quotes on it! Festival Walk LOG-ON store now provides a complimentary embroidering service on selected dates for designated Kånken item purchased during the promotion period.

Date and Time: 23, 24 Feb & 2, 3, 9, 10 Mar, 12nn to 8pm
Venue: Festival Walk LOG-ON store


Bright – EYFe’s Exquisite Lifestyle
Good news to all glasses wearers: EYFe Eyewear cleansing products allow the lenses of your glasses stainless and your sunglasses spotless to look impeccable. Remember neat people always considered more attractive.

EYFe Eyewear Cleansing Tools

EYFe Eyewear Cleaner 100ml HK$199

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EYFe Eyewear Cleansing Kit 30ml HK$219      Shop Now

EYFe from Japan brightens the day for glasses wearers with its eyewear cleansing kit, which includes a small-sized cleaner and a glass cleaning cloth, available in black and blue colours. The cloth eliminates and prevents static effects against dirt to keep the lens clean, but not suitable to use for contact lenses or goggles. You can always refill the cleaner by getting a large-sized bottle of 100ml.

*Exclusive at all LOG-ON stores.


Style – Herschel, simple yet practical
Herschel’s Studio Collection demonstrates a clean design of black and white and camo rendered in durable tarpaulin fabrics, styling your everyday life.

Herschel Studio Collection
Herschel HS8 Crossbody Bag – Woodland Camo HK$510 

 Herschel Studio Classic XL Backpack – White HK$1,630

The Herschel Studio Collection, with clean and durable design, presents brand-new contemporary silhouette and patterns. This special series features its water-resistant tarpaulin fabrics, comfortable to the touch, its Sealtech can recover from minor punctures which enhances its durability. The Classic XL backpack offers versatile storage, it comes with a detachable crossbody pouch for easy access to your essentials. The crossbody bag, soft but tough, makes it perfect for everyday use. Once unclipped, the transformative seat belt webbing shoulder strap offers a hand-held option.

*The Herschel Studio Collection is now available at Fashion Walk and Times Square stores.


Exclusive promotion!
Try our new blend for free
Upon purchase of any Herschel items in Times Square LOG-ON store during the promotion period, a coffee coupon will be given to redeem LOG-ON limited edition Weekender coffee from 18 GRAMS pop-up coffee stand at Times Square LOG-ON store. This Weekender special blend features coffee beans from Costa Rica, Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia, giving an amazing aroma and taste! The free drink is limited to 20 cups per day on a first come first serve basis. If you love the blend and wish to enjoy more, you may get a special price for the coffee beans with a valid receipt during the promotion period.

Time: 2pm to 7pm, 21 Feb to 13 Mar.
Venue: Times Square LOG-ON store

Urban Weekender Promotion
Date: 21 Feb to 13 Mar 2019
Venue: All LOG-ON stores

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Doraemon Post Office x Lucky Cat Deliver your Greetings

Doraemon Post Office x Lucky Cat Deliver your Greetings

The adorable Doraemon look-alike Lucky Cat, is now at your service at Doraemon’s Post Office. Possessing the power of bringing customers and fortune to shops, it is waving at you to visit and drop your posts right now. DING DONG Takuhaibin has exclusively been granted the official copyright of Doraemon, Lucky Cat now arrives at the Doraemon Post Office in Times Square atrium to collect your postcards until the end of February. Later they will deliver your handwritten postcards in the specified month this year.

What's more, Doraemon Post Office special edition and Valentine’s Day edition collectibles are also available at the Post Office. Come and share the joy at this cheerful and cartoonic Doraemon Post Office.

Limited 300 pieces of Doraemon and Lucky Cat Cast Bronze Sculpture

To celebrate the return of Doraemon Post Office, we have brought back to the pop-up store the popular sculpture series, this time the first-ever bronze casting Doraemon and Lucky Cat sculpture edition. Customers who have pre-ordered the Doraemon bronze sculpture are entitled to pre-order the Lucky Cat bronze sculpture. We are excited to announce that all 300 quotas are already full within a few hours after pre-order opening. 

Inspired by the Japanese simplicity and naturalness, Doraemon Post Office is mainly made use of timber and fabric in order to create harmony by the lines, forms and spaces. Featuring the timber slats wall, two different Doraemon patterns can be found from one of the facades of the Post Office!


Heartwarming Post Office

To continue the momentum on the very first Doraemon Post Office during Christmas in 2017 Doraemon Post Office 2.0 is launched in this year. The new Post Office is not only featured with traditional Japanese style, it is also filled with love. Some collectibles are even in Valentine’s Day theme. The new Doraemon Post Office would also become a checkpoint for couples taking selfies and imersing in love.

Dear Future You
Doraemon Future Postcard Mailing Service

The new future postcard mailing service lets you send your heartwarming blessings and wishes to the future. Simply specify the month that you would like to send. After writing your own messages, Doraemon and Lucky Cat will chop a special stamp on the postcard and send your postcard to your beloved ones at the specified month. The future mailing service runs through a year until January 2020. This unique and personalized gift must amaze your dear friends.

How to post a Doraemon postcard? 

Step 1:

Purchase your postcard 
Over 20 special edition postcards, including the Post Office limited edition, can be selected at the Doraemon Post Office.

Ranging from Post Office theme, birthday theme to festive postcards, over 20 styles postcards are available to select from. Some postcards are even made of wood in order to be coherent with the Post Office design.

Step 2:

Lucky Cat DIY zone
To extend your creativity and your imagination, you could design and write your heartfelt messages on your own postcard at the Lucky Cat DIY zone. Don't forget to chop our limited edition of Doraemon Post Office stamps.

Local postage is included in the retail price. The mailing service is only available for addresses within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Step 3:

Mail your postcards into Doraemon postbox
After mailing your postcard into Doraemon postbox, Postman Doraemon will chop a special stamp and send in specified month.

A special stamp will be chopped on your postcard after mailing your postcards.

Step 4:

Get an instant reply from the future
Mail your postcard into Doraemon’s mailbox and get an instant response from the future.

The instant response from the future allows you to look back at this memorable event.


The Story of Lucky Cat
One day while Doraemon was walking on the streets, he came across an abandoned cat. Doraemon went door to door to see if anyone would take care of it , but he was not successful. Doraemon decided to feed the cat his gadget ‘Lucky Cat Food’. This gadget gives the cat the power to attract four customers to the shop. The cat attracted a famous food critic to the ramen shop who gave postive feedback on the ramen shop. This brought a crowd to the ramen shop and the cat also became part of the store's icon.


Don’t miss our latest Doraemon x DING DONG Takuhaibin Post Office Collection!

Postman Doraemon is now here again since the 2017 Christmas! Doraemon also brings along with a series of limited and lovely collectibles, including the post office themed products and housewares, the brand new Lucky Cat series, comfy denim series as well as Valentine’s Day series. They are all limited, beautiful yet practical.

 [Heart-warming Housewares]

Doraemon Bean Bag Sofa HK$980

Pre-order only

Will be available in early April. Please visit LOG-ON Facebook page for further information.

Doraemon Post Office Apron HK$280

Enjoy a complimentary leather embossing service in LOG-ON upon purchase of designated Doraemon apron.

*The service is only available with designated font types and position.

*The service is provided only in Harbour City, Festival Walk, Cityplaza and New Town Plaza shops.

 Doraemon Gadget Quick Dry Mat HK$300


 [Heartfelt Valentine’s Series]

Doraemon Keychain (Red/Blue) (HK$150/pcs)

Doraemon Tee Shirt  HK$340/pcs

Doraemon Gadget Mug (A Set of Two) HK$260


Doraemon Post Office POP UP Store 
Date: 12 to 28 February 2019
Venue: Times Square atrium, Causeway Bay

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