Disney’s 100th Anniversary

7 (Thur) Sep - 27 (Wed) Sep 2023

To celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary, LOG-ON is excited to bring you a variety of classic Disney character accessories. Among them, the exclusive Disney Stained Glass Collection with its stunning design is a must-have for all Disney fans.

Disney Stained Glass Collection – Acrylic Standee Blind Box

This blind box series hides classic Disney characters, making it perfect for those who enjoy mystery and excitement.

LOG-ON presents an exclusive, limited-edition Disney Stained Glass Style blind box, featuring four beloved Disney character designs: Aliens, Stitch, Donald Duck and Chip n Dale. Each blind box contains a meticulously designed acrylic standee with unique background themes. The excitement lies in the mystery of not knowing which character you'll get until you open the box, adding a sense of anticipation and wonder. Test your luck and find out which character fate has in store for you.

Disney Stained Glass Collection – LED stand

Let enchanting Disney LED decorations embellish your living space.

If you’re a fan of Disney’s enchanting style, you absolutely must add this exclusive LED display from LOG-ON to your collection. Each cartoon character has their own dedicated stage, accompanied by a special LED base that creates a stunning stained glass effect through the play of light. The design is elegant and exquisite, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.

Disney Stained Glass Collection – Lifestyle Goods

These cute lifestyle goods of all kinds will bring a touch of fun to your daily life.

LOG-ON has also gathered a variety of lifestyle goods with the theme of Disney Stained Glass style. This collection includes PVC pouches, mirrors, makeup pouches, keychains and stickers, combining adorable designs with practicality. Let Aliens, Stitch, Donald Duck and Chip n Dale accompany you in your daily life.

【E-Shop】Disney Collection

LOG-ON eShop also launched the Disney collection to celebrate the 100th Anniversary, let's check more!

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