Happy Lunar New Year 2024

26 (Fri) Jan - 15 (Thur) Feb, 2024

The Year of the Dragon is approaching! LOG-ON has prepared a series of Chinese New Year celebration items, adding a joyful atmosphere to the Lunar New Year.

This year, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year coincides with Valentine's Day. While preparing for the New Year, remember to get hold of a heartfelt gift for your loved one.

LOG-ON has gathered various Valentine's Day gift ideas, providing you with a bottomless well of gifting inspiration.

Bringing in the New Year Atmosphere

Fai chun and red packets are essential elements of the Lunar New Year. LOG-ON has gathered various traditional, cartoon character and pet-themed festive items, so you can fully prepare for the Year of the Dragon.

Giving Joy to the New Year

The New Year marks a joyous occasion when loved ones convene. Elevate the festivities with these engaging party games, sure to unite and delight everyone in attendance.

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It's time for a change in your appearance

Prepare for the Year of the Dragon by unveiling a fresh look that embraces your personal style.

Make your Chinese New Year celebration even more enjoyable by getting MF Bear to accompany you.

Our Lunar New Year collection is finally here, and we're absolutely thrilled to present our three adorable MF Bear-themed fai chun, "情到龍時 (Love in the Year of the Dragon)," "福 (Good fortune)," and "龍馬精神 (Wishing you boundless energy)." Receive one fai chun with purchases of HK$88 or above at LOG-ON physical stores. Available on a first come, first served basis, while stocks last.

The bottom of the fai chun features a coupon. With net purchases of HK$400 or above, you can use one HK$30 coupon; with net purchases of HK$800 or above, you can use two HK$30 coupons; and so on. A maximum of five coupons can be used per transaction. Consolidated receipts will not be accepted.

If you wish to collect the above three sets of Lunar New Year couplets, please take note of the distribution dates below.

- 情到龍時(Love in the Year of the Dragon):
26 (Fri) Jan – 1 (Thur) Feb 2024

- 福(Good Fortune):
2 (Fri) Feb – 8 (Thur) Feb 2024

- 龍馬精神(Wishing you boundless energy):
9 (Fri) Feb – 16 (Fri) Feb 2024

Need help with a Valentine's Day gift?​

If you are seeking a distinctive, enduring Valentine's Day present, dried flowers are an excellent option. Their beauty and durability ensure your beloved will cherish them and admire their magnificence for an extended period.

LOG-ON has put together a thoughtful selection of gift ideas that will help you make this day even more memorable and cosy for your loved one.