LOG-ON Summer Beauty

13 (Mon) May – 5 (Wed) Jun 2024

Do you have any outdoor activities planned for this summer? While enjoying your time outdoors, it's important to protect your skin in the sun. LOG-ON has gathered a variety of summer sunscreen products, cooling and refreshing items and antiperspirants to provide comprehensive care for your skin. We also prepared summer fashion accessories to help you prepare from head to toe for the hot season and fully enjoy outdoor activities!

Pleasant Daily UV Cut with UV-yohou

“UV-yohou” series is sunscreen series focused on usability and gentleness.Protects from UVA and UVB, the causes of spots, freckles, and wrinkles, and protects skin of your whole family from UV rays.

Sunscreen Recommendations for Outdoor Activities

It is inevitable to participate in various outdoor activities in summer and need to stay outdoors for a long time. The SUNCUT gold series has the Japan highest sun protection factor SPF50+ PA++++, which continuously blocks UVA and UVB and provides powerful sun protection. It is waterproof and sweat-proof. There are three textures for you to choose from.

Before applying makeup, you can use SUNCUT PROTECT WATER PROOF GEL or SUNCUT PROTECT WATER PROOF ESSENCE. The moisturizing and repairing CPX formula continuously moisturize the skin, and prevent dryness due to sun exposure. Its texture is highly extensible. It uses the newly upgraded SUPER STRETCH FIT formula and will not fall off due to strenuous exercise, suitable for beach/outdoor/water activities.

Remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours using the SUNCUT WATER PROOF PROTECT SPRAY. The special nozzle makes the spray dense and can be sprayed in reverse 360 ​​degrees. It can be easily sprayed on any area, such as the upper shoulders, neck and back. It has a quick-drying formula and can be re-sprayed at any time without leaving any residue.

​5 in 1 Sunscreen and Makeup Base ideal for daily use

​KOSE SUNCUT TONE UP UV ESSENCE has the highest sun protection factor SPF50+ PA++++ which protect your skin from UVA and UVB for a long time, prevent tanning, sunburn and pigmentation. 5 in 1 functions includes: sunscreen, even skin tone, primer, moisturize, whitening.

Contains 70% of the beauty serum : Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamin C, triple citrus extract, jojoba seed oil and other moisturizing ingredients are added to provide sun protection and beautify the skin at the same time. With Allergies Guard technology, the sunscreen protects your skin from pollen, dirt and other pollutants from the air. Its moisturizing texture is watery and non-sticky, super refreshing with zero burden on the skin.

​ROSE PINK - The unique light pink tone can adjust pale skin color and create rosy peach skin, revealing a healthy complexion.

​Lavender – The unique lavender light purple beauty serum texture, neutralizing yellowish skin tone, instantly enhance natural whiteness and luster with just one application.

Mint Green – The unique light mint green and slightly bright pearl tones neutralize redness and acne marks, leaving skin naturally translucent after application without turning white.

Butter Yellow - The unique butter yellow beauty serum texture. It could cover dark circles, freckles and discoloration with just one application.

​SUNCUT LIGHT UP UV Essence - Contains light and shadow pearl molecules, which disperse light and reflect the delicate skin texture. It also makes the skin show natural shadows and easily creates a natural contouring on the face.

Cooling Down Essential

It's easy to sweat and feel stuffy when you go out in the summer. At such time, a cooling mist can provide a cooling sensation and make you feel fresh and comfortable.

LIBERTA COOLIST BACK COOLER features dual-action cooling and antiperspirant ingredients that instantly cool down the back. It has a fresh soapy scent and helps prevent sweat stains and odors. The upside-down design of the container makes it convenient for applying to the back, effectively relieving the sticky feeling in the summer.

BIORE COOLING BODY MIST – SAVON instantly lowers the skin temperature by -10℃ when sprayed directly onto the skin. It quickly cools down the pores, dissipates heat, and provides a freezing and refreshing sensation even while sweating. It has a quick-drying formula, so there's no need to worry about wetting your clothes. It has a mildly acidic formula and contains hyaluronic acid to be gentle on the skin. The spray bottle is equipped with a lock function for easy carrying.

The STARLAB CONTE HAIR&BODY FRESH FRAGRANCE MIST can be used on the body and scalp, instantly providing a cool and refreshing feeling. It contains beauty ingredients that moisturize the skin and maintain its health, while silver ions and tea leaf extracts help eliminate odors. The STARLAB Conte HAIR SCALP COOL REFRESH GEL can be applied directly to the scalp, eliminating stickiness on the skin and hair, leaving the hair feeling refreshed and voluminous.

Sunscreen Sticks and Individually Packaged Sunscreen

BEAUTE RONDO WITHFAM, a brand from Japan, has launched a new Sunscreen Stick with a high sun protection factor of SPF50+ PA++++. It has a lightweight and smooth texture that is non-greasy. The compact size makes it convenient to carry and reapply on the go without getting your hands dirty, making sun protection effortless. It contains 11 botanical ingredients and triple ceramide to provide deep hydration. It can be removed with normal cleansers. It is available in two versions: unscented and herbal fragrance.

The Sunscreen UV Gel is in individual packaging. The lightweight packaging makes it easy to carry and share with friends, making it the perfect choice for women who enjoy using mini bags.


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