Make Her Day

18 (Thu) Apr – 12 (Sun) May 2024

Every woman loves to pursue beauty, and mothers are no exception. However, mothers are often busy with family and rarely have time to dress up themselves. Why not take the opportunity of Mother's Day to dress up with your mother and express our love for her? At the same time, you can also choose a gift for. LOG-ON will be holding a Mother's Day limited-time promotion from April 18th to May 12th, offering a variety of beauty and hair care products, including France's well-known eye care brand TALIKA, Japan's popular home beauty device expert JUJY, and the trending Korean fragrance hair care brand BANANAL, etc. These products are all available to help mothers take good care of themselves and showcase their beauty from the inside out. Combined with LOG-ON's unique Japanese-style "Furoshiki" packaging, the gift will have an added touch of distinctive style, presenting the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mother.

LOG-ON Japanese-style "Furoshiki" and free gift wrapping service.

​Show your thoughtfulness through the gift packaging. During the Mother's Day promotion period, LOG-ON is offering special Mother's Day patterned "Furoshiki" at Harbour City, Times Square, and Festival Walk stores. When you purchase designated beauty devices or hair styling sets, you will receive a Mother's Day patterned "Furoshiki" and enjoy free gift wrapping service once (valued at HK$48). The "Furoshiki" can be reused and can also be used as a scarf or decoration for handbags, making it both environmentally friendly and unique. It instantly adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness to the gift.

​[Exclusive to Harbour City Store] Record Your Audio Greeting Card

​A heartfelt greeting card is essential for Mother's Day. To make your greeting card even more appealing, LOG-ON is offering a recording service for greeting cards during the Mother's Day period. When you purchase any Mother's Day greeting card at the LOG-ON Harbour City store, you can enjoy a free recording service. You can record a heartfelt message on the spot, and the recording will be added to the greeting card in the form of a QR code. This allows your mother to directly listen to your heartwarming message expressing your love.

[Exclusive to Harbour City Store] Personalized Engraved Photo Frame

​Precious memories deserve to be preserved in a tangible and heartfelt way. This Mother's Day, why not select a photo of you and your mother and pair it with LOG-ON's Manual Factory Personalized Engraved Photo Frame? It's a beautiful way to showcase a precious moment with your mother at home. During the Mother's Day promotion period, you can customize the LOG-ON Manual Factory Personalized Engraved Photo Frame for a special price of HK$58. The personalized photo frame not only displays the photo but also allows you to customize text and designs on it, making the gift even more unique. It will add a touch of warmth to your home.

Beauty Device Recommendations

​Eye Care Set and Beauty Devices to Stay Youthful with Mom

JUJY DPL&NIR Brightening And Spot Whitening Beauty Instrument

Cinema-level dual-photon technology can lighten spots, suppress dark spots, remove yellowing, brighten, and whiten skin.

18 Apr - 30 Apr:Promotion Price HK$1,799

1 May - 12 May:Promotion Price HK$1,699

Free Gift:

  • JUJY Brightening & Moisturizing Mask x 1 box
  • JUJY Collagen Patch x 1 box
  • JUJY Anti-Aging Facial Mask Instrument PRO

    The newly upgraded PRO version of the six-level cinema-line beauty light, with 306 beams of energy penetrating deeply into the skin, with an energy density of up to 78mW/cm² covering the entire face, reversing ageing from the inside to the outside with one click.

    Retail Price: HK$1,199


  • Sheibe Lactibio Rose Dark Spot Correcting Brightening Serum x 1
  • JUJY Brightening & Moisturizing Mask x 1 box
  • TALIKA Anti-Puffiness Eye Contour Set

    Promotion Price: HK$1,895

    Detoxify the eyes and regenerate the eye contour


  • Time Control + x 1pc
  • Eye Detox Contour Gel (10ml) x 1pc
  • Eye Therapy Patch x 1pc
  • Mask x 3
  • TALIKA Eye Contour Repairing Kit

    Promotion Price: HK$1,980

    Repairing the DNA altered in cutaneous cells by UV rays and boost all cellular functions.

    Stimulates the microcirculation, for an anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness effect.


  • Time Control+ x 1pc
  • Eye Quintessence x 1pc
  • Eye Therapy Patch x 2pc
  • Mask x 3
  • Hair Care Gift Set

    Retail Price: HK$1,499

    Buy QUICO Q-Swap Cordless Straightener, receive QUICO Q-Swap FIR Ionic Cordless Styling Brush for free(valued at HK$599)

    BANANAL Perfumed Hair Care Set – Baby Musk

    BANANAL Repair Set – Baby Musk

    ANILLO Rosy Night Repair Hair Care Set

    ANILLO Black Tea Hair Care Set

    ULTRA HAIR Ultra-Speed ION Hair Dryer

    Promotion Price HK$598

    Free Gift: MOMAX Hair Brush (Valued at HK$199)

    UV Hats & Umbrellas for Mum

    COGIT Precious UV Multi-comfort Hat-Black

    WPC Plantica FLOWER PRINT TINY Umbrella