Rainy Garden

Walking outside on a rainy day is one of our simplest joys, as we breathe to the rhythm of raindrops and let the petrichor scent calm our mind and body. To prepare you for endless fun in the rain, LOG-ON has a long list of tested and waterproof rain gear to keep you dry, comfortable, and fashionable.

Chic girls never run out of style, even on rainy days! This series of floral-inspired umbrellas is guaranteed to elevate your style and keep you dry and fresh at any time.

Monday blues hit the hardest when there is heavy rain outside your window. Is there a way to stay completely dry without compromising on being stylish?

Designed explicitly for rainy days, the W.P.C. Bag Cover is one of the best accessories to protect your favorite handbag from the rain. It can be a spacious shopping bag when the sun is out. The bag cover can be easily folded to save space, adding to its versatility.

Another trump card of W.P.C. is their Raglan Sleeve Raincoat. It has cute floral patterns printed all over its cuffs, a detachable hood, and, most notably, a storage bag that allows you to pack up the raincoat easily. This beautiful and innovative raincoat will make you the fashion staple of your workplace in no time.

Put on a pair of Achilles Rain Boots, and you are all set. Experience the comfortable fit provided by the lightweight rubber made from a unique formula and the enhanced slip resistance thanks to the deep knurled grooves on the outsole. When finished using them, the boots can be folded compactly like a folding umbrella, which explains why they are recommended wear-ons for commuting to work on rainy days.

LOG-ON is also proud to introduce the ultralight umbrella in collaboration with the famous Japanese rain gear brand, W.P.C. In addition to the powerful water-repellent and anti-UV features, you would rarely find an umbrella with its ribs extending backward to protect you and your backpack once and for all to offer you the broadest range of protection.

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Upgrade your rain gear with these to stay dry and warm this upcoming season. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl; feel free to pick up our rain jackets, raincoats, and other rainproof products and mix and match them as you please.

W.P.C. Cream Soda Umbrella Mini Blue


W.P.C. Plantica Flower Umbrella Plastic Yellow


W.P.C. Flower Raincoat Khaki