ReMIX: HK Brands X HK Designers Crossover Products Exhibition

4 (Tue) Jan  – 24 (Mon) Jan 2022

LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk & Festival Walk

“ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” is a designer-led creative business partnership program, organized by Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK), with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor. ReMIX is a new concept introduced to reawaken Hong Kong classic brand’s spirit by bridging a collaboration of the brands with local design teams to develop new innovative products and set go-to-market strategies, in order to strengthen its position and increase market penetration locally then globally.

Design teams are given the chance to take up the challenge, lead the design direction and responsible for the entire product development process. Launching established brands to new heights with design teams’ unique perspectives and aesthetics!


  • Reawaken local brand’s spirit to sustain Hong Kong’s culture and traditional values and competitiveness.
  • Facilitate industry synergy and spur business collaboration between local companies and professional designers on a much broader basis.
  • Bring professional design service to corporate and public attention and drive the market recognition on the professional skills of design service.
  • Foster community atmosphere and innovativeness to generate demands for creative markets and product manufacture industry and drive sustained business growth.
  • Create a new economic driver for Hong Kong in a long run.

Hong Kong Brands X Hong Kong Designers First Ever Crossover Products

ReMIX has caught diverse attentions and support from design elites. The applicants include not only young talented designers but also experienced designers from different design fields with outstanding achievements. After two rounds of selections and deliberations, 5 outstanding design teams viz. Pong Company Limited, agape・IVO・KnitWarm, One Object Design Studio, Afterwork and ByLeona, were finally chosen to collaborate with Camel, Chicks, Red Apple, Yuet Tung China Work, Tung Hing Glass and AXIS Watch, 6 Hong Kong classic brands.
We are delighted and proud to announce that 22 new striking products ranging from lifestyle products, personal and fashion accessories, home décor to small smart furniture have ready hit the retail shelves on 4 December 2021. The collaboration brought in designs synthesizing traditional craftsmanship and brand-new perspectives for their first ever crossover products, which infused creativity, design and art elements into local classic brands. All together, we reawaken local classic brands’ spirit and relaunch them to achieve new heights!

Pong X Camel

For the past 80 years, Camel has strived to open up new horizons in order to stay relevant and keep pace with user's dynamic and transitional drinking culture and habits. Through the REMIX program, Camel joined forces with Pong to forge a new horizon with an innovative product series - BREW.

In the true spirit of collaboration, the co-founder of Pong, Leo wanted to preserve the classic scalloped groove of Camel flasks in his new design and integrated it with a collapsible tea infuser and coffee dripper kit to create a modern tumbler that will catch the eyes of the younger market. The BREW series allows tea and coffee lovers to observe the ritual of preparing and drinking tea or coffee on the go, without compromising on the flavours and temperature of their beverage. The spill-resistant tumbler comes in silver, pink, white and gold, adding a touch of vibrancy and individuality that will fit into any modern tea drinkers' lifestyle.

Chicks X agape.IVO.KnitWarm

Established for over 60 years, Chicks is a popular classic brand in Hong Kong, has been focusing on manufacturing innerwear for different seasons all year round, producing simple, comfortable and high-quality products. First time ever, Rolland, Lincoln and Stanley, three designers from different professional fields formed a team and collaborated with Chicks under ReMIX program. Their crossover work brought in art, technology and sustainability elements to Chicks' brand identity.

The packable ScarfWarmer integrates art and lifestyle for styling, while the Seamless Pouch Strap Warmer is made of upcycling PET bottle yarn material, produced in a sustainable way. They both integrated with Hong Kong invented 'KnitWarm' smart textile technology which offers warmth in an innovative way by plugging a rechargeable power bank and align with the brand’s mission of spreading warm. And the sustainability element also plays a critical role in designing the Resin Cloth Vase DIY Box to give your old shirts a new life.

Red Apple X One Object

Beginning in the 80s, ensuring high quality and safety of the furniture with its state-of-the-art facilities and truly understand customers’ wants and needs, Red Apple Furniture has become a Household Name in Hong Kong and China.

Through the ReMIX program, Red Apple had collaborated with Evan from One Object Design Studio (the first design company the brand had ever worked with) and created the “Red Apple wits” series to bring modern and contemporary lifestyle, with smarter and more convenient home experience for Hong Kong domestic environment. It combined light-tech function, such as wireless charging, UVC sanitization and LED lighting into design, together to ease people's needs in their daily life, and bring more convenient and intuitive experience in their home.

Tung Hing Glass X Yuet Tung China Works X Afterwork

Yuet Tung China Works was founded in 1928 and is the only decorated porcelain brand in Hong Kong today. Tung Hing Glass was established in Hong Kong in 1936 and has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and sales of glassware, kerosene lamp and metalware.

First time ever, through the ReMIX program, two historical brands (Yuet Tung China Work and Tung Hing Glass) had joined forces with Afterwork industrial designers to forge a new partnership. With comprehensive understanding of different materials and manufacturing processes, Afterwork visualizes designs with simplicity, practical into the environment and created a series of crossover products made of porcelain and glass. Inspired by nostalgic memory, the Pond Vase depicted and captured the classic exquisite Chinese garden scene, while the Oriental Table Lamp and Oriental Oil Lamp was printed with classic GuangCai fighting rooster patterns. They brought designs synthesizing traditional craftsmanship and brand-new perspectives for their new products and brands.

AXIS X ByLeona

AXIS is a watch manufacturer, has been designing and producing watches for European, American and Japanese customers since its inception in 1992. AXIS gathers a new generation whom passionate in watches and design, inherits and explores the ductility of traditional watches with experienced masters, matches traditions with bold styles and breakthroughs!

Under ReMIX program, the first ever crossover Ashoka watch series between AXIS and ByLeona is an excellent showcase of artistically merging traditional culture with innovative designs and skills. The design was inspired by the love of ancient Oriental art and culture, and it could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of East meets West design concept which tells stories from the past and connect audiences to the deep Oriental heritage. Signature Oriental patterns and elements like Yagasuri/Yabane (arrow fletchings: evoking the straight and immutable feature of an arrow, symbolising determination or a wish of happiness for the bride. In Buddhism, bow and arrow represent the fight against evil; also, be seen as lucky charms in the Shinto temples of Japan), Asanoha (stars/hemp leaf: symbolising growth, resistance/resilience and prosperity) and the auspicious octagonal shape (eight-diagram tactics) are being used. The watch design venture thus reflects not only the aesthetics from traditional Oriental culture but also those deep and rich stories behind. By creating this watch series, they would like to enable the audience a better understanding of the deep Oriental heritage by promoting the one-of-a-kind design concept through seamless integration of art and culture in everyone’s everyday lives.