Stationery Fair

17 Aug (Thu) - 6 Sep (Wed) 2023

Getting ready for the back-to-school season in September, LOG-ON’s Stationery Fair brings you a variety of practical and adorable stationery sets. These sets are designed to cultivate a positive mindset and help you embrace the excitement of new challenges.

Tyakasha x Kokuyo crossover collection

Known for its imaginative, playful style, Tyakasha has infused playfulness into Kokuyo’s Campus notebooks and other stationery items with vibrant colours, creating designs that are filled with fun. This series offers four different colours, with unique themed illustrations. The delightful illustrations serve as a valuable stress relief tool, allowing you to unwind and relax, and bringing a touch of happiness to your everyday learning journey.

Noritake x Kokuyo crossover collection

Noritake is a popular Japanese illustrator. His collaboration with Kokuyo showcases his iconic minimalist style, featuring his charming character illustrations on the classic Campus notebooks and pencil cases. The collection offers a delightful range of options, with three vibrant colour choices: blue, red and green. Whether you prefer the handy A5 size, the versatile B5 size or the compact A6 size, there’s always a perfect option for you.

Memo Pads and sticky notes set

Memo Pads and sticky notes are undeniably among the most practical stationery items. With a simple tear, you can jot down important tasks and reminders, effortlessly attaching them to books or walls. They also help you in organising your thoughts or expressing your creativity and serve as a thoughtful way to share heartfelt notes with friends. Our selection of cute, delightful sticky notes can enrich your study routine and provide a boost during your busy learning journey.

Disney Electronics & Devices Collection

Whether you’re a child or an adult, the enchanting world of Disney is sure to captivate your heart. This collection features classic Disney characters including Donald Duck, Stitch and the Toy Story Alien on a range of adorable and practical electronic products that will accompany you on your joyful learning journey.

In recent years, electronic devices have become indispensable aids for students, particularly university students, who rely heavily on computers for pre-learning and completing assignments. In such cases, having high-performance equipment is essential to boost productivity.

A wireless keyboard and mouse are the perfect companions for either work or entertainment. With their playful colour combinations, they feature beloved Disney characters, tactile key design, comfortable and silent operation, and automatic intelligent power-saving mode. Compact and space-saving, they provide an exceptional user experience, ensuring comfort even during extended periods of use.

Are your phone and smartwatch constantly running out of battery? A magnetic charging pad and wireless chargers are what you need. These accessories not only provide quick charging but also serve as stylish decorations, adding a touch of charm to your daily life.