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Living in the new age we are in now, it is hard to not notice the upsurge of modern women across the globe. Not only modern women have immense impact at workplaces or household, they also look glamorous when doing it.

If you are looking to up your game and be the most fabulous modern woman in and out, LOG-ON is here to supply you with the beauty and relaxation products that will put you at the top. Sons and daughters who are searching for the best gifts for Mother’s Day are also welcome to take notes.

Soothing Rest and Relaxation

It is almost a universal rule to every busy-working woman, no matter at work or at home – if you have anything that can sooth body tension or pressure, we are going to need it. In the realm of comfort, we have come up with four glorious options of massage devices, each covering a precise part of her body, to alleviate her aching muscle pain at home with ease.

Hyundai FJ207 Airbag Massager

USB Onkatsu Warmer

Cordless Air Compression Calf Relaxer

Oyasumi MeMe Hot & Air

Embrace of Glittering Skin

If she is into skincare and all things beauty-related, do your best and give her skincare routine the ultimate upgrade with LOG-ON’s palette of skincare products. From moisturising sets, firming gel to beauty devices, we have everything to make your lady smile on May 8th.

Touchbeauty Cream Booster

  • This exceptional device provides incredible absorption of skin care moisturizers, helps to replenish and hydrate the skin.
  • It features two different electrode modes–positive and negative with sonic vibration.
  • As this device is small, it can be taken anywhere, optimizing any skin care routine.
  • Massada Bust Firming Gel

  • Gel provides an effective answer to skin slackening and loss of bust firmness. It encourages the synthesis of natural breast support fibres. Its natural ingredients have an immediate firming effect, and achieve firmer and more toned breasts. It moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin.
  • Main Ingredients: Thyme, horse tail, sage, pennywort, arnica montana, aloe vera and mineral salts.
  • Pattrena Swiss Bambuas Vulgaris Extract

  • Removes bacteria and cleanses gently. Helps to remove odor, soothes itching and prevents gynecological diseases such as Vaginitis.
  • 1)100% Made in Thailand
  • 2)Soap-Free formulation, designed for sensitive skin
  • 3) PH 5.5-6, Mild and Keeps your skin balanced
  • 4) NO MIT,SLES , Paraben , Triclosan
  • Derma Elements β-Glucan Extract

  • β-Glucan Extract can effectively prevent and soothe skin irritations by strengthening the defensive ability of our skin against external hazardous substances. By adding hydration component into the formula, the result is even more remarkable. Best for: Sensitive skin
  • Dermalogica Our Best & Brightest Set

  • Original Price $788 
  • Promotion Price $473 (40% off)
  • DIY Gifts for your beloved one

    Want to go on a more thoughtful route and have your fingerprints all over your gift for her? We have got you covered. At LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY, you are most welcome to design your Mother’s Day gift card, record a lovely voice message, and beautify your Mother’s Day present with an exquisite gift box of your choice, and your beloved ones are ensured to be impressed.

    MANUAL FACTORY – MF Bear Exclusive Photo frame

    Most of us fall back on classic Mother’s Day gift choices, but nothing says “I love you” better than a customised item. To put the icing on the cake, you are invited to visit LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY to take home with you an exclusively personalised photo frame for them to revisit your valuable memories together via photos and a personalised message you wish to display. Also, feel free to record a voice message for your mum, embed the QR Code or soundwave on the photo frame, and let them know how much you appreciate and cherish her by listening to your heartfelt words.

    【E-Shop】Mother's Day Gifting Idea

    Mother's Day is coming! You can find varies of gifting products for your mum at LOG-ON eShop. Let's send your love and hugs to your mum!

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