Summer Beauty

22 (Thu) June - 12 (Wed) July 2023

This summer, LOG-ON has a variety of whitening, sunscreen, cooling and deodorant products for your summer skincare essentials. From facial care to body treatments, they’ll leave you feeling clean and fresh, even during outdoor activities.

Sun Protection Cosmetics

Show off a lightweight, long-lasting summer makeup look while protecting your skin from UV damage.

Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty On UV Cheek

Kanebo Allie Chrono Beauty On UV Cheek is the latest UV protection that even works with blush makeup. It enhances the base makeup, adhering tightly and toning skin, and achieving natural Japanese makeup.

RAFRA UV Mist Spray

RAFRA's makeup products are popular for summertime. Lightweight and with a moisturising texture featuring a refreshing natural orange fragrance, it provides skin hydration, UV protection and high coverage.
The UV Mist Spray contains beauty essence ingredients that can be applied to the whole body for UV protection. Can be easily sprayed on your skin, with a lightweight texture that makes you feel refreshed and non-sticky.

DAISY DOLL Natural UV Gel & Makeup Fix Mist

DAISY DOLL Natural UV Gel is a low-irritation physical sunscreen that contains two types of moisturising ingredients that keep skin hydrated. With a watery texture, it is easy to apply, doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t leave white marks.
DAISY DOLL Makeup Fix Mist is effective in waterproofing, sweatproofing and friction resistance. Containing a skincare essence, it maintains the balance of water and oil to prevent makeup from smudging.

Primavista limited edition

The Primavista limited edition set includes two best-selling makeup products. Apply Primavista Long-Lasting Primer UV to cover imperfections and even out skin tone. Set your makeup with ease using Primavista Loose Powder to blur pores for a natural flawless look.

The Ultimate Sun Protection Combo

Sunscreen is essential in our daily skincare routine, preventing UV damage to skin. It’s important to choose a product with a high SPF and water and sweat resistance, one that comes in a lightweight, non-sticky formula to ensure your skin is protected and comfortable while enjoying outdoor activities.

Ishizawa Lab Dry-touch UV Stick

Forgot to apply sunscreen before going out? Just bring along the handy-size Ishizawa Lab Dry-touch UV Stick to apply on your face and body anytime, with its transparent formula leaving no white marks on skin. It is waterproof and resistant to sweat, removable with soap and suitable for children above one year old.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Aqua Protect Mist

Looking for sun protection with skin nourishing? Biore has launched its first UV Aqua Protect Mist. With Unique Transparent Solubilization Technology, the mist melts into the skin quickly for a lightweight feeling. It is highly waterproof and sweat-resistant, and can ensure coverage of all areas of the body while keeping it moisturised and refreshed.

Kose Suncut Prodefense Toughness UV Sunscreen Milk

Hot weather can’t stop us from enjoying outdoor activities while Kose Suncut Prodefense Toughness UV Sunscreen Milk protects skin from harmful sun damage. With the world’s first high-adhesion Toughness Guard technology, it has passed tests involving being immersed in water for 80 minutes, as well as anti-friction testing. It is resistant to water and sweat, and offers long-lasting protection for outdoor activities.

Cooling and Antiperspirant Combo

Scorching summer makes us sweat a lot. Cooling mist and antiperspirant are essential picks to keep your skin fresh, dry and smelling great all day.

Kimochi Cool Hair and Body Wash Set

Taking a shower is one of the effective ways to cool down in the summer. Kimochi Cool Hair and Body Wash Set contains cooling ingredients that instantly refresh your body, coupled with plant-based moisturising ingredients that nourish the scalp, hair and skin.

Liberta - Coolist Back Cooler & Coolist Asedaleine Roll-on

Are you worried about embarrassing sweat stains? Introducing Liberta - Coolist Back Cooler, which provides an instant -5 °C cooling effect to the skin. Contains double active cooling and antiperspirant ingredients, combined with a refreshing fragrance, to prevent sweat and body odour.
Liberta - Coolist Asedaleine Roll-on comes equipped with a rollerball applicator for quick, effortless use anytime, anywhere.

HAAN Deodorant

Feel confident all day long with HAAN Deodorant from Spain. It contains 93% natural ingredients and a prebiotic complex, as well as being aluminum-free, and balances your skin microbiome while hydrating it. Three scents available: Purifying Verbena, Margarita Spirit and Morning Glory.

Biore deodorant set

To stay fresh and confident this summer, girls should pick the Biore deodorant set, which includes Biore Deodorant Z Rollon (Soap) and Biore Fragrance Magic Body Sheet. It leaves skin feeling soothed, non-greasy and with a refreshing scent.
For men, the set includes Biore Deodorant Z Rollon (Citus) and Biore Men Facial Sheet Mint, with a cooling mint sensation, keeping you fresh and odour-free all day long.

Summer Home Care Essentials

While you are looking forward to summer, don’t forget to prepare your skin from head to toe. Regular exfoliation and shaving can help you confidently show off your silky-smooth skin.

Notime Icelady CL-0 Zero Sensation Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal

Getting ready for summer with Notime Icelady CL-0 Zero Sensation Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal. Adopting IPL colour light technology. With the special physical cooling technology and three different types of care heads, it reduces discomfort after hair removal.

yorumee bust scrub cream ,yorumee scrub peeling gel, yorumee total leg gel

Exfoliating your skin two to three times per week can help to improve rough and dull skin.
yorumee bust scrub cream can gently exfoliate dead skin and effectively increase skin elasticity and moisture.
yorumee scrub peeling gel is not only for exfoliating your knees and feet, but is also suitable for sweeping away dead cells and impurities from head to toe to improve dullness and radiance.
yorumee total leg gel helps you to rehydrate and provides refreshing relief to tired legs.

【E-Shop】Summer Beauty

LOG-ON eShop has got you covered with essential skincare and sunscreen products. Get ready for outdoor activities!

UV-YOHOU Shigaisen Yohou Cool UV Spray P (60g)


GATSBY Ice-Type Deo Body Paper Ice Citrus (10pcs)

$12.50 $17.90

BIORE Ice Cold Body Sheet Towel - Unscented (5pcs)