Summer Getaway

13 (Thu) July - 2 (Wed) August 2023

Summer is the season of travelling and exploring. If you’re looking for travel accessories for your next trip, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re going on a short trip or a long vacation, at LOG-ON you can find all the travel essentials, from luggage to travel gadgets, to make your journey more comfortable and stress-free.

Luggage for long trips

Choosing the right luggage for long-distance travel is essential for a comfortable, hassle-free journey.

AZPAC is a luggage brand from Taiwan that features simple, durable designs. The AZPAC Trucker series offer two sizes, 66cm and 76cm, in black and white, to cater to a range of travelling needs.

The luggage body is made of lightweight, durable materials that are impact resistant and explosion proof. It is designed with one shallow side and one deep side to increase storage capacity. Simply open the top cover to stow or retrieve items. It also features an exclusive storage partition to keep all your belongings such as clothes, gadgets and souvenirs properly organised.

Short trip essentials: Carry-on baggages

Want to have a hassle-free experience on your short trips? Choose a lightweight, functional bag for easy storage, and also reduce the burden on your shoulders when travelling.

MATCHWOOD Arc Pouch is a lightweight, functional small crossbody bag made of waterproof nylon material. The close-fitting design allows you to wear it naturally over your shoulder. Can accommodate passports, boarding passes, ID cards, credit cards and money, helping you find anything in a snap during your trip.

MATCHWOOD Brave Shoulder Pouch Bag has multiple compartments to carry travel essentials like wallets, earphones, tissues, chargers and umbrellas. It matches perfectly with your earth-tone, cargo-style outfit.

MATCHWOOD Travel Kit helps you to keep small items independently organised. With a dual-layer, waterproof design, it allows you to store essential travel items in one bag to save space.

MATCHWOOD Clutch 3Way Backpack is a multifunctional bag that combines convenience and flexibility. The detachable design of the front pocket can be removed and used as a cross-body bag. The flexible design is perfect for short-distance outings and helps you move more comfortably and freely.

Travel essentials

COOLOOP Ice Neck Ring is the latest cooling item for when you’re on the go. With a lightweight design, it can be hung around the neck, allowing you to experience an instant -8°C cooling. The neck ring is made with a special PCM material that will naturally freeze below 28℃ without refrigerating, keeping you cool during outdoor activities.

Girls always want to look chic and pretty while travelling. The VS wireless straightening and curling iron allows you to straighten or curl your hair anytime, creating a stylish, versatile look. It features a quick heat-up function and temperature settings suitable for different hair types. With its lightweight body and wireless charging design, it is convenient to carry and can be used overseas.

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Cabeau The Neck Evolution S3 travel neck pillow is designed with a patent-pending chin strap and a memory foam core to provide comfortable support for the neck and head. The patented seat straps can be secured to the seat, allowing you to enjoy comfortable sleep during flights or long journeys. It can be compressed and packed into your carry-on luggage to save space.

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Exclusive Service in MANUAL FACTORY @ LOG-ON Harbour City Store

The MF Bear Luggage Tag offers a personalised engraving service, allowing you to create your own special luggage tag. Engrave your name or messages on the leather tag to make your luggage even more distinctive and identifiable with ease.

MF bear Portable Fan

The MF Bear Portable Fan is the perfect travel companion to beat the summer heat. With 3 adjustable wind speeds, it can easily adapt to different environments. It can be used continuously for 2-6 hours after USB charging, and comes with an adjustable strap for carrying.

【E-Shop】Summer Getaway

LOG-ON eShop has got you covered with essential travel accessories. Get ready for your trip!

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