Winter Travel

27 (Wed) Dec, 2023 - 10 (Wed) Jan, 2024

LOG-ON presents a curated collection of winter travel essentials that will elevate your journey with comfort, warmth and style!

Winter travel not only requires comfort and warmth but also a stylish touch. From essential warm accessories to practical travel gear and luggage options, these hot picks are designed to make your journey more comfortable.

Luggage Recommendations

Choosing the right luggage is essential for winter travel. It needs to be durable and provide ample storage space while being stylish and easy to carry. We have selected three luggage brands with a combination of style and practicality, allowing you to travel with ease.


Herschel’s hardshell luggage is made from 70% recycled polycarbonate, providing impact resistance and durability. The silent spinner wheels ensure the safe transportation of your belongings. The interior features a compartmentalised design, and the luggage comes in three sizes to meet the needs of both short and long trips.


Azpac, a luggage brand from Taiwan, offers sleek, durable designs. Its luggage is made from lightweight, sturdy materials, providing both convenience and protection. It is designed with one shallow side and one deep side to increase storage capacity and improve access. Exclusive storage dividers help organise bulky winter clothing, enhancing flexibility.


Samsonite is a must-have companion for many travellers. Its luggage combines stylish design with functionality. The spacious interior allows for easy storage of travel essentials. The silent wheels and telescopic handles make manoeuvring the luggage effortless. With its strong, impact-resistant construction, Samsonite luggage caters to the needs of different journeys.

MF Bear Travel Accessories

With their cute, practical designs, MF Bear travel accessories add a touch of fun and convenience to your winter journeys.

The Toiletry Bag is perfect for organising personal care items and other small belongings. With its well-designed compartments and waterproof design, it can be directly hung in the bathroom for easy access.

Want to make your luggage easily recognisable? Attach the MF Bear bear-shaped luggage tags and luggage straps, and they’ll help you spot your luggage quickly at the airport carousel, reducing the risk of misplacement or confusion.

The MF Bear illustration shopping bag and luggage bag are perfect companions for shopping trips. They’re lightweight and foldable, so they can be conveniently stored in your handbag whenever you need.

Travel Essentials Gift Set

We have picked a collection of practical, stylish travel essentials that are perfect for any adventure. Whether you’re on a family vacation, a getaway with friends or a solo exploration, this thoughtful gift set is the perfect companion to meet all your travel needs.

The Cabeau memory foam neck pillow and eye mask are essential items for long-distance travel, providing you with relaxing, high-quality sleep in a comfortable position during your journey.


This gift set includes travel essentials such as luggage locks, luggage straps, luggage tags and a memory foam neck pillow, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your travels.


The Verbatim gift set includes a travel charging adapter and portable electronic luggage scales, so you can easily charge your devices anywhere in the world, ensuring you are powered up and have control over the weight of your luggage throughout your journey.

Comfort and Warmth Accessories

When travelling in winter, it's important to wear warm clothing and equip yourself with the right accessories and gear to keep you cosy and comfortable during outdoor activities.

The Charley neck warmer features an adorable animal-shaped design and a soft, fluffy texture, providing both comfort and warmth.

LOG-ON exclusive MF Bear and MF Bunny hand warmers can provide instant warmth during cold weather. With their compact, portable design, they can be easily carried in your bag or pocket when traveling overseas.

Wearing warm socks and leg warmers made from warm materials will keep your legs cosy and comfortable in cold weather. They are especially suitable for indoor and outdoor activities and ensure a warm, comfortable winter travel experience.