Creative Pen Case Collection

Our innovative ideas have revolutionised ordinary pen cases, making them so much more than mere containers for your stationery. Instead, they lend a helping hand for more convenience when working at your desk. The design process starts by carefully taking account of your various stationery needs, with various designs created to solve problems encountered when you write.


  • Simply open it to display all your pens. The base’s triangular design ensures that the case sits securely on the desktop, with your pens close at hand.
  • Its ultra-thin 20 mm design provides room for approximately 15 pens, while still easily fitting in your bag.
  • Once open, the inner sections of the front and sides can hold various objects, making maximum use of the internal space. The sides can hold business cards or sticky notes, while the front can hold small objects such as erasers and paper clips.

DELDE Flexible Pen Case

  • The case changes shape in 3 seconds flat! Pull down simultaneously on both sides to see all your pens at a glance and within easy reach.
  • Lots of space, with room for approximately 35 pens, as well as other implements like makeup brushes.
  • Pen cases can be personalised using a variety of materials, attachments and thermal prints to reflect your own individual style.

Book Band Hand Pen Case

  • Light and handy design.
  • The non-textile materials are tough, durable and tear proof.
  • Waterproof.
  • The case’s design incorporates a rubber band, enabling it to be attached to a notebook and carried conveniently.
  • Can neatly hold approximately 4 pens.

Midori PULP Storage Recycled Paper Stationery Box

  • Made from recycled paper.
  • The case’s fashionable neutral colours impart an old school look that is suitable for all ages.
  • Lightweight design with a thick outer shell, providing protection for writing implements like fountain pens.
  • Designed for sturdiness and damage resistance.