Relief of fascial tissue with BLACKROLL®

Overuse, inflammation or a surgical operation can change the fascial tissue and lead to hardening, immobility and pain. With BLACKROLL® one can simply and fast work on the musculature, improving mobility and relief pain.

8 Techniques for Muscle Fascia Relaxation:

1. Longitudinal Massage Movement
Use the Blackroll by rolling it back and forth to soothe muscles
2. Cross Friction Massage Movements
Use the Blackroll Ball or Mini Blackroll to roll it back and forth across the arm while going down the length of your arm muscles
3. Circular Massage Movement
Move the Blackroll Ball in a circular motion along the length of the arm muscles
4. Compression
Place your body on the Blackroll or Blackroll ball, rolling it back and forth using your own weight to add pressure in order to strengthen the intensity of the massage
5. Compress & Twist
Press and twist the Blackroll Twister on your body, this will help release stiff muscles and sticky muscle tissue
6. Compress & Mobilize
Place your body over the Blackroll and lift your leg upwards
7. Compression & Stretch
While lying on the Blackroll grab your leg and stretch the muscles
8. Vibration
Use the Blackroll Booster which vibrates at high frequencies to reach deep into your muscles in order to soothe and relax them