Since 1995, the first store opened in Sai Kung and the retail sales of Honeymoon Dessert has continued to grow. The branch is widely distributed in Hong Kong's major locations, Mainland and Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Indonesia. Nowadays, the number of branches in Asia are over 400 stores.

Durian Pancakes -
Honeymoon famous dessert! Wrapped with fresh finest durian pulp, rich and not greasy.

Baked mashed Taro Sago Pudding (hot) -
Baked mashed taro sago pudding is classic Chinese desserts, Hong Kong-style flavors.

Almond Tea + Egg White (hot) -
Almond tea has been repeatedly grinding more than 6 times and separated, the heated almond tea collides with the fresh egg white. The heat of the almond tea has just cooked the egg white.

Mango Pomelo and Sago Sweet Soup -
Represent Hong Kong dessert, with rich Mango, grapefruit , sago mixed with mango juicy and milk. It tastes smooth, sweet but not greasy.

Sesame Soup -
Ground toasted black sesame into powders. This desserts have a benefit for hair and kidney.