Rejuvenating a better me

15 (Tue) Feb - 9 (Wed) Mar 2022

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During the pandemic, you might have spent much time at home on your own, wondering if you should pamper yourself with the love and care that you deserve. Check out LOG-ON’s thoughtfully curated lists of domestic self-care products to pamper, elevate, shape and de-stress yourself, so you can make use of your cosy time at home and stay fabulous.

Pamper Me

No matter the season or weather, pampering yourself with care is a must. To help you take care of your body, LOG-ON has put together a long list of Clean Beauty products by brands from around the world, so you can perfect your body with organic and natural ingredients. From skin care to hair-care to eye-care, here’s everything you need to feel joyous and indulged.

Embryolisse Daily Essential Hydration Set

  • .Lait Creme Concentre 75ml
  • .4 Flower Tonic Lotion 50ml
  • .Filaderme Emulsion 15ml
  • A bestselling multi-function nourishing moisturiser that’s also an SOS mask, make-up remover, after-sun lotion and make-up base. Powered by its silky texture, it creates a non-greasy protective veil throughout the day.

    TRIPHASIC Stimulating Set

  • .TRIPHASIC Stimulating Shampoo 250ml
  • .TRIPHASIC Texturizing Detangling Conditioner 250ml
  • .FORTICEA Energizing Shampoo 50ml
  • .FORTICEA Energizing Conditioner 30ml
  • . TONUCIA Natural Filler Replumping Shampoo 50ml
  • .TONUCIA Natural Filler Replumping Mask 30ml
  • The stimulating TRIPHASIC shampoo combines two highly effective anti-hair loss ingredients, ATP and natural Pfaffia extract, with the stimulating powers of microbeads of essential oils. Like an invitation to massage, the microbeads gently burst under the fingertips during application, releasing their precious powers. Hair is more resilient, easy to detangle, soft and shiny. The hair capital is reinforced.

    KLORANE Quinine & Organic Edelweiss Anti-hair Loss Set

  • .Shampoo with Quinine & Organic Edelweiss 400ml
  • .Conditionerwith Quinine & Organic Edelweiss 200ml
  • .Shampoo with Quinine & Organic Edelweiss 25ml
  • .Conditioner with Quinine & Organic Edelweiss 50ml
  • Product benefits:
    ✓ For hereditary or reactional hair loss in men and women.
    ✓ Helps anchor hair to the scalp, curb hair fall and strengthen at the roots for denser, thicker hair.
    ✓ Reinforces hair fibres to prevent breakage.
    ✓ Weightlessly nourishes and detangles hair.

    NANOGEN – Your hair expert from the UK

    All NANOGEN wet-line products contain patented Hair Growth Factor formula, which can help reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth. For instant results, its world-famous Hair Fibres can bulk hair and conceal any areas of hair thinning or scalp show-through in seconds.

    John Masters Naturals

    .Cleanse: John Masters Naturals Purifying Cleanser with Grapefruit and Neroli.
    .Wash: John Masters Naturals Moisturizing Foaming Face Wash with Bergamot & sea Buckthorn.
    .Exfoliate: John Masters Naturals Clear Exfoliator with Eucalyptus & Pear

    Elevate ME

    If you are looking to elevate your looks in every respect, grab the following devices and reap the instant benefits. Because why not? The urge to beautify yourself can come at any time, so make sure you always have a comprehensive collection of beauty devices at home.

    Shape ME

    “If you look good, you feel good’ - No fitness routine is complete without an outfit to get you motivated. In collaboration with prolific influencer and yoga teacher Coffee Lam, the outfits and accessories of her yoga brand Coffee Sweat will be available at CheerClub Coffee pop-up booths in selected LOG-ON stores.

    Sports Bra – Comfy Bra

  • .Suitable for gym, yoga, Pilates, running, hiking and all other outdoor activities.
  • .Knitted fabric feels soft to the touch and avoids any friction discomfort.
  • .Stretchy materials for ease of movement. Simple design with vital support for whole body
  • Leggings – Good Vibes

  • .Suitable for gym, yoga, Pilates, running, hiking and all other outdoor activities.
  • .Moisture-wicking fabrics help prevent sweat stains while keeping you cool and dry.
  • .Slim-fit design provides ultra-comfortable coverage.
  • .With a deep side pocket for mobile phone and other essentials.
  • .Non-see-through and durable. Not easy to shrink, snag, pill or crease.
  • Jacket – Warm Me Up

  • .Knitted fabric feels soft to the touch and avoids any friction discomfort.
  • .Keeps you warm throughout autumn and winter.
  • .Suitable for exercise and also everyday leisure.
  • .Slim-fit and cropped design shows off your waistline.Best paired with our comfy bra and cosy leggings.
  • De stress me

    We all hope to de-stress ourselves after a hectic day at work or home workout, but it is always easier said than done - if your body does not feel right, your effort would be in vain no matter how mentally prepared you are to be lose. The following massage devices are designed to help you release the pesky tension and pain from your muscles, in order to attain a precious peace of mind.