ACNE BARRIER Men's Protect Concealer - Light  (5g) - LOG-ON

ACNE BARRIER Men's Protect Concealer - Light (5g)

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Product feature:

  • A medicated concealer that helps you to get a clean appearance.
  • The medicated ingredients sterilize the acne bacteria and prevent the occurrence of acne.
  • At the same time, the concealer covers the acne scar and fits each skin colour well.
  • A light colour.


  • No artificial colourant, no fragrance, no mineral oil, no paraben, low stimulation

How to use:

  • Apply to the concerning areas with acne.
  • If you tap the boundary line between the applied part and the skin so that it blends in, the skin will look natural and clean.
  • When removing, wash off well with the lathered face foam.

Suitable skin type:

  • Acne skin
  • Oily skin

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