Car Fans Alert: TOMYTEC GT-R exclusively landed at LOG-ON

It’s time to own the legendary ‘Godzilla’ - Nissan GT-R!

This season, LOG-ON brings you the latest GT-R NISMO model by TOMYTEC, which is the world’s first-ever, and the first time of the series to produce Hong Kong exclusive version outside Japan. This special edition will be available in LOG-ON exclusively with limited quantity. For car-lovers, collectors and GT-R fans in Hong Kong, this special GT-R edition is presented with a customized silver foiled packing box, in it a finely-crafted GT-R diecast, together with a black metallic card where you can engrave your name or car plate number. This GT-R is going to spice up your collection.

Catch a glimpse of TOMYTEC GT-R

LOG-ON being TOMICA及 TOMYTEC fans’ all-time favorite, we provide a wide selection of models while ensuring all products on our shelves are original manufactured products. From time to time, special limited editions and selected models are showcased, exhibitions and gatherings are held for car lovers and TOMICA and TOMYTEC fans to relive the classic.
From 8 to 28 March, TOMYTEC GT-R and other classic models are exhibited in LOG-ON Times Square, Festival Walk and Metroplaza stores, with GT-R showing its fierceness and power.

GTR special edition with 3 surprises

GT-R being one of the world’s top-performing cars sweeping international competitions, it is now a decent toy in your hand. TOMYTEC Hong Kong Exclusive LOG-ON Special Edition GT-R model will surprises fans in three ways.

Precisely crafted

TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE NEO (TLVN) OF TOMYTEC gave fans a surprise with a replica of the real car. This latest release resembles GT-R’s features in every detail - inside and outside, with rearview mirrors, wheels and car seats carefully crafted, making the toy true to life.

Customized metal card

The set comes with a black metallic card for free, on which a silver etched GT-R is printed. You can enjoy our free engraving service once upon purchase*, imprinting your name or car plate number on designated area, making it personal.* Enjoy free engraving service once on the GT-R metal card at LOG-ON Manual Factory upon any single net purchase of HK$300 or above. The service is available at LOG-ON Harbour City and Festival Walk upon presentation of the order invoice.
This service is available at LOG-ON Harbour City and Festival Walk upon presentation of the order invoice.

Silver foiled packing box

An exquisite packing box is chosen for this exclusive set, instead of regular printed colours, it used silver foil for the logos and outlined the car graphic. It surely is a decent gift and a good collectible.
You can now get our exclusive TOMYTEC TLVN poster for free by purchasing LOG-ON special edition GT-R plus any other TOMYTEC or TOMICA item in a single invoice. While stocks last.

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