Sakura Temptations: Embrace the Pinkish Spring
Pure and dignified, enchanting yet fleeting - it is sakura, reminding us to live life to its fullest to make it worth...
Weekend Getaway for Stylish Urban Weekenders
Finally, it’s Friday night! No plans for the weekend yet? How about taking a quick adventure such as strolling around...
Doraemon Post Office x Lucky Cat Deliver your Greetings
The adorable Doraemon look-alike Lucky Cat, is now at your service at Doraemon’s Post Office. Possessing the power of...
The Glow of Love: Rediscover the Colours of Love
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The Hong Kong Retail Management Association Retail Excellence Award and Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Customer Service)
Providing customers with top-quality service has always been our mission. We are pleased to announce that LOG-ON has ...
B.Duck x LOG-ON德記茶樓
B.Duck粉絲有好消息! 由即日至12月2日,B.Duck 與 LOG-ON聯乘,於LOG-ON銅鑼灣時代廣場中庭開設Pop-Up Store,以香港情懷作主題,結合了老香港六七十年代茶樓的特色。 會場帶來多款B.Duck x LO...
Starting a Fitness Revolution at Work: 5 Ways to Get in Shape Quick
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Say Goodbye to Skin Problems – Nadeshiko’s Skincare Classroom
Women are often found too busy keeping up to date with all the latest makeup trends and chasing after new cosmetics collections, and unfortunately neglecting the basic of beauty: skincare.
Sun-kissed Beauty: Get Glowing Skin under the Dazzling Sun
The bright sunlight is dazzling as ever – making ladies a bit jumpy now, busy worrying about tanning, freckles popping up, skin drying out and lots more skin problems after exposing under the sun. LOG-ON has brought to you a head-to-toe skincare plan, on UV protection, whitening and hydration of skin, so as to let you enjoy your beach party wholeheartedly, have no qualms being in the sunshine, and live and breathe under the sun. We even care about the details which you may overlooked!
Get Behind the Scenes of LOG-ON x Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept
MF Bear is turning three soon, and to mark this special occasion, he’s introducing a new friend Hello Kitty! The two of them have not only redefined what it means to live, but add uniqueness and fun to ‘gift’.
Summer Getaway with Safety Smart Travel Gears
Woohoo! Finally it’s… vacation time, what’s your plan this year? Preparing for a wildlife adventure in South America, or hang around and relax in our neighbourhoods, or want something spiritual this time such as wandering alone in a sacred land? Everywhere is fine, as long as you are safe. LOG-ON has been promoting the idea of broadening horizons through travelling and cares for travel safety, this summer, we have brought to our keen travellers high quality innovative travel gadgets and accessories. We watch your back while your travel, so you can focus on having fun and doing more.
Be a Responsible Traveller with High-tech Eco Gadgets
The scorching heat of summer invites… sleep? Nah, should be an excursion! It’s time to go on a scenic tour under the captivating sky of June, but getting ready solely with a svelte figure turns out to be not enough, you have to pack also an eco-conscious mind of protecting the environment while enjoying the good nature. ‘Responsible Tourism’ is the future travel trend, in response, cool and practical high-tech travel gadgets are enthusiastically developed across the world, and many of them have already arrived the shelves of LOG-ON.
Hello Kitty Pop-up Store – Limited for Mother’s Day
Enter the world of Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept, and get a bang out of its inspiration! As an extension of Hello Kitty lifestyle centres and to celebrate Mother’s Day, a pop-up store is now set up in the atrium of Times Square, inviting you to discover some brilliant ideas for your daily living or when preparing a gift to someone; some life hacks to make you feel good during working hours and holidays; cool items which suit your style, and a perfect gift that will probably melt the heart of your dearest mum.
Visit Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON Pop-up Store
A change for the better always sounds exciting, how about putting it in action this time?

With life decorating hacks, or a few down-to-earth fantastic thoughts, Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept suggests inspirations and new visions of living in style, it reminds us to think big and act small, to enjoy the little things in life, thus taste the true essence of it.

And now, Hello Kitty is inviting you to experience her inspirational lifestyle exhibited in the themed touchpoint zones and pop-up stores in LOG-ON Fashion Walk Causeway Bay, Festival Walk and Cityplaza. Chef Hello Kitty, her brand new image with a white toque and cares for details, will be your tour guide.
Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON
Say hello to a brand new Hello Kitty, donning the Japanese minimalist style, at Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept — an exclusive collection arriving at LOG-ON this spring. From 19 April onwards, simply visit any Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON Pop-up Stores to discover how Hello Kitty can brighten up your day, no matter your lifestyle. Infuse your laid-back style with a fun twist; being creative without compromising quality. Turn your hobby into your signature style; find the perfect gift that will melt the hearts of others. Perfection is hidden in the details, now is the time to reimagine your everyday life with creativity and individuality.
Car Fans Alert: TOMYTEC GT-R exclusively landed at LOG-ON
It’s time to own the legendary ‘Godzilla’ - Nissan GT-R!

This season, LOG-ON brings you the latest GT-R NISMO model by TOMYTEC, which is the world’s first-ever, and the first time of the series to produce Hong Kong exclusive version outside Japan.
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