Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON

Say hello to a brand new Hello Kitty, donning the Japanese minimalist style, at Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept — an exclusive collection arriving at LOG-ON this spring. From 19 April onwards, simply visit any Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON Pop-up Stores to discover how Hello Kitty can brighten up your day, no matter your lifestyle. Infuse your laid-back style with a fun twist; being creative without compromising quality. Turn your hobby into your signature style; find the perfect gift that will melt the hearts of others. Perfection is hidden in the details, now is the time to reimagine your everyday life with creativity and individuality.

Nice to meet you!
Chef Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept x LOG-ON is proud to present Chef Hello Kitty, only available at LOG-ON.

This collection uses red, white and blue and handcrafted lines to illustrate an industrious Chef Hello Kitty, who stops at nothing but perfection. By perfecting the little details in everyday life, she’s also creating a finer life for her better self.

Experience Hello Kitty’s Quality Living 

There is a fine line between ordinary and mundanity. Let Hello Kitty show us ways to inject colours into the ordinary. Enjoy the perfectly minimalist lifestyle by cooking your own meal, winding down with music, pampering your skin, or simply, let your mind wander into the realm of nothingness. Invent your own downtime that costs little, but connects your body with nature and nourishes your soul.

From 19 April to 3 June, you can discover the Hello Kitty way of life at our pop-up stores in Fashion Walk Causeway Bay, Festival Walk and Cityplaza. Enjoy a new way of working and relaxation by choosing from more than 200 Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept products — of which 70 of them are LOG-ON exclusives! These collectables are all a fresh illustrative style, and are highly valued among Kitty fans!

What’s a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than visiting Hello Kitty at our pop-up store at Time Square atrium? Presents aside, you can DIY your Mother’s Day gift with MANUAL FACTORY and put the extra in the ordinary.

Fashion Walk Causeway Bay Hello Kitty

Welcome to the Hello Kitty lifestyle centre! Fashion Walk Causeway Bay presents the Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept Pop-up Store to bring you the best in everyday life.

Festival Walk Hello Kitty

Festival Walk offers more than just the Hello Kitty lifestyle centre! It has interactive zones that offer manicure services and colouring activities to fill up your day!

Cityplaza Hello Kitty

The pop-up installation is bound to attract eyeballs at Cityplaza. Our shop offers a host of DIY workshops for you to make your own Hello Kitty gifts. Don’t miss out!

Tips for living an (extra) ordinary life

THECOOPIDEA Hello Kitty Chef Design Wireless Charger HK$249

Portable power bank to keep you energized throughout the day.

THECOOPIDEA Hello Kitty True Wireless Smart Earphone HK$699

Share your favourite music with Hello Kitty with these Bluetooth earbuds.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Scent Lip Balm HK$38

Relax and moisturize your lips with strawberry goodness in a unique Kitty shaped pouch.

Hello Kitty Shea Butter Mask Sheet HK$48

Nourish skin and give it a luminous glow with this shea butter mask. There’s never a dull moment with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Aroma Diffuser HK$388

The perfect aromatic addition to your home or your office. This aromatherapy diffuser has your favourite Kitty imprinted on the bottle and looks best under soft lighting.

Hello Kitty Folding Tea Table HK$1,198

Crafted from authentic pinewood, the folding table legs can easily be stowed away. The table also comes with a drawer for enhanced versatility.
Products from the Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept are now available on our eShop. Click here to browse products.

DIY Hello Kitty Lifestyle Products 

Be part of our featured event — leather and quilted workshop, create your very own designs featuring Hello Kitty patterns on different materials!

Leatherism leather card holder workshop

Make your very own Chef Hello Kitty leather card case, dye and charm the leather lanyard with your favourite colour.
Workshop duration: 3 hours

Workshop Venue, Dates & Times

Fashion Walk Causeway Bay
28 April: Coming Soon
6 May: 6pm - 9pm
Festival Walk
6 May: 11am - 2pm
19 May: 3pm - 6pm

Brother quilted placemat and coaster workshop

Flaunt your creativity and aesthetic sense with these soft-toned, geometric quilted designs! Make your own placemats and coasters with the themed Hello Kitty embroidery.
Workshop duration: 3 hours.

Workshop Venue, Dates & Times

Fashion Walk Causeway Bay
29 April: 1:30pm - 4:30pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm
1 May: 1:30pm - 4:30pm
4 May: 1:30am - 4:30pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm
10 May: 3pm - 6pm
11 May: 3pm - 6pm
12 May: 3pm - 6pm
20 May: 3pm - 6pm
From now until June, stay tuned for more Hello Kitty Lifestyle Concept events, products and pop-up stores across all LOG-ON stores.
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