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GUM Gum Dental Floss Wax 50M (Flat Type)

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 Product Feature :

  • The flat fiber material can pass through interdental easily, fit for the entry user of floss.
  • Soft texture which care your gums.

How to use :
1. Cut out 40cm floss, leave 15cm from both ends and twine floss in middle finger of both hands.
2. Stretch floss tightly with thumb and forefinger of both hands, keep 1-2cm distance in between.
3. Slide floss forward and backward slantly and gently, make floss in teeth gap.
4. Wrap up lateral of teeth with floss, contact with teeth surface tightly and slide floss up and down to remove dental plaque.

Caution :
1. Do not force floss into teeth gap, or it may hurt gumline.
2. If floss is hard to slide in teeth gap or easy to break, it may caused by implant materials or cavities, please consult a dentist.

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