Exploring the Schedule Book 2017 Exhibition in Tokyo

Exploring the Schedule Book 2017 Exhibition in Tokyo

Private Exhibitions for 2017 Schedule Books - Market research to major retailers for studying display, and to find out for new and attractive products.

Wow, I met my Japanese colleague, 阿香 in Hong Kong airport, and we're getting into same flight! This kind of "Dramatic Encounter" makes my travel happier for sure!

TRAVELER'S Factory is one of the hottest places to visit. It is a kind of people's secret base and they want us to keep it as our secret store. Warm orange lights inside welcome any people who can feel sympathy toward them. Nice display and friendly staff are always there.

Luckily, Sakura (Cheery Blossom) was fully blooming along Meguro river. This is one of the hottest areas where people can enjoy watching Sakura, and just a few minutes' walk from TRAVELER'S Factory. Everyone is enjoying tasty food with beer, and it makes me so hungry...

Visiting Hobonichi office for checking 2017 schedule books with our Japanese colleague, Otani san. There is a very antique telephone at reception but it still works!

Hobonichi office is really amazing! Wooden furniture is sophisticated but we can still find a sense of fun from various fun objects. It is a relaxing office and we hope to have a nice meeting with them!

We visited many exhibitions but unfortunately cannot share detailed photos as the coming new items are still confidential… Come visit our "Time on Paper" promotion in September to check them out and find your favorite schedule books for 2017!

Exhibitors introduce their coming new 2017 schedule books for us. Each supplier has their uniqueness, but all of them reflect the trend of upcoming schedule books. It's a very beneficial meeting, and we also enjoy chatting with Okazaki san after a long time.

Does everyone know that we have office in Tokyo? I originally came from our Tokyo office and transferred my position to Hong Kong! Our office is located in a very nice area with a street full of Sakura. We met with our Japan office colleagues here.

Going out for market research in Shibuya. Shibuya is a very big city with young and fashionable people. All the new trend are born from this city for sure. It feels very fresh and new to me visiting here after a while. This time I found a cute shaped tree in the middle of downtown!

3D figure making studio which places totally 102 cameras in 360 degrees. It seems a bit odd to me, but it's very cool!


Full of playfulness and attractive objects in Tokyo! There should be a story behind those objects for sure…See how many you can find and how these are unique!

2016/04/04 Tokyo, Japan
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The Spirit of Toy at Spielwarenmesse

The Spirit of Toy at Spielwarenmesse

Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg is an important event for toy industry where top brands, trendy start-ups, retailers, buyers and media come together. LOG-ON buyer, Geric, visited the fair in late January 2016 to learn the latest trends and products in the market.

The arrival gate at airport with Lego welcoming me. So sweet!

The entrance of Spielwarenmesse

Fairground with a group of Imperial Stormtrooper guarding the gate

Playmobil at the Toy Fair

Lego's Booth with big figures is cheerful and outstanding.

The Simpsons

Professor Puzzle for brain training games to blow up your mind

Metal Puzzle

Visited the Lego Shop

There is Lego everywhere in the mall.

Germany Knuckle and bakery

2016/01/28 Nuremberg, Germany
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The Latest Health & Fitness Trends at ISPO Munich

The Latest Health & Fitness Trends at ISPO Munich

ISPO Munich presents everything revolving Health and Fitness with lots of innovations to offer. Health and Fitness is an expanding category. The desire to be healthy has an increasing influence on personal lifestyles. Depending on individual preferences, there is a wide variety of sports concepts to choose from and the rapid development of wearable technologies that evaluate fitness data emphasizes this social change. LOG-ON buyer Sharon has visited ISPO Munich to discover the latest sports trends and bring innovative products to customer!

Visitors walking towards the Exhibition Site: Messe Munchen International to view the award winning products.

Surroundings around the Munich City Centre in freezing cold weather.

Checking out the Blackroll booth with their CEO, Marius, and their Asia distributor, Ho Sik Hon.

Visitors trying out Blackroll's latest product, the "Booster" is set to launch this spring.

A brand new "Water Sports Village" was built for exhibitors to demonstrate their latest water products.

To promote their products, exhibitors have set up a lot of demonstrations at their booths for visitors to try and experience first-hand.

There are scooter skateboard ramps for customers to play with.

This is “Slackline”, similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking.

There is a ski-simulation on the left and Zlagboard contest on the right. Customers can experience virtual reality technology with instant results.

We met international soccer star, Philipp Lahm, hanging out at the exhibition!

We visited Marienplatz - one of the iconic landmarks in Munich after visitng the exhibition!

We went to another tourist spot for local groceries and food like Hackbraten or Bratwurst.

One of the things I look forward to every time I head out on trips is to find good food.

Pretzels, Veal Patties, Pork Knuckle, Hot Dogs and Haribo Sweets are definitely on my list of foods to eat in Germany.

2016/01/21 Munich, Germany
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Meet the Talented Stationery Makers in Tokyo

Meet the Talented Stationery Makers in Tokyo

LOG-ON stationery buyer Patrick has spent the past 13 years hunting for great stationery products, in the process he's met countless talented makers all over the world. During his last trip to Tokyo, he was able to meet with 3 stationery makers and make some new friends despite his busy schedule! Let’s follow his journey in Tokyo and meet the talented stationery makers in Tokyo!

Visiting the newly renovated TOKYO STATION inside the KITTE shopping mall, shooting from a nice stationery store called Angers.

Lunch with Gudetama

Passing by MoMA Design Store

Took a 30 min trip to visit Tsutaya Kaden

In one of the encounters, I finished my work earlier than expected, so I took an hour of train from Tokyo to Yokohama to meet Mr. Tsuchihashi; the stationery commentator and book writer whom I’ve known for about 10 years but have never had the chance to visit his office. 

Tsuchihashi san’s book shelf

It just so happens that he was being interviewed by a stationery group from Osaka to be broadcast by podcast. We had a great dinner together and met some new friends from Yokohama and Taiwan.

We discussed a lot during the dinner. One topic was “What is good stationery”.  To me, a good piece of stationery is something you develop a lifelong relationship with, you’d be afraid to lose it, you want to have with it you all the time and mostly importantly it connects you with like-minded individuals all over the world. I was glad I took a chance to be adventurous and meet this new group of friends.

The next day I visited the Traveler’s Factory and got some new things.

In the name of customization, I customized how my mug would look with metal wires

Having a few minutes of me time in the factory

While in a 2-hour meeting with the Traveler’s Company team, they showed me their secret 10th anniversary products.

Dinner with the Traveler’s Company team, comparing different sizes of my own craft and their 10th anniversary mini Traveler’s Notebook

On the day I was to leave Japan, I found 2 hours of time before transportation, so I headed to a store I love called Kakimori in Kuramae. The store owner Mr. Hirose was also there whom I bumped into when he was in Taipei last year. We are all strangely connected somehow, the only obstacle for the incredible to happen is whether you allow that chance to happen deep in your heart.

Voila! I bumped into Mr. Takabatake the Stationery King in Japan! We’ve known each other since the beginning of my stationery career and he was in the middle of a TV show recording in the store. He ran into the TV van and grabbed this huge pencil shaped coin bank to show me, it was hilarious!

Staying loyal to your passion leads you to unforgettable adventures, in my case doing so transcends the barrier of languages, because I cannot speak the Japanese language and my friends in Japan don’t speak English at all :)

2016/02/02 Tokyo, Japan
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Clinging to Spring Gift Trends with LOG-ON

Clinging to Spring Gift Trends with LOG-ON

LOG-ON buyer Alvin visited the Tokyo International Gift Show to learn about the latest market trends and products, in order to bring the trendiest items to customers.
During the trip, he visited our venders to discuss new product development and projects. Alvin also learned different promotion and display methods when visiting different shops and exhibition in Tokyo in order to bring the new image to LOG-ON. 

Although it is only 3 degrees in Tokyo. I chose to walk on the sidewalk of Shinjuku rather than walk underground. Besides at the planned destination, I believe there is something that can be discovered anywhere.

Tokyo International Gift Show held at Tokyo Big Sight. It is one of the largest trade shows in Japan and showcases different stationary and fashion products. Disney is one of the exhibitors inside, their products included Avenger series and Tsum Tsum are very popular.

Before visiting our vendors, we enjoyed coffee and had a rest in a café.

We met Dreams Inc. on this trip. Dreams is the vendor for Sonny Angel. There is even a bathtub inside their office!

Japanese people are very detail-minded and creative. The map on the eaves showed the direction of our vendor and distance of our vendor- Kitan Club office. 

POPTEEN and Kitan Club have a crossover product of Fuchico san to celebrate the 20th anniversary of POPTEEN. Will LOG-ON and Kitan Club have a crossover product in the future?

2016 is the 10th Anniversary of Fuchico san. This nano Fuchico figure (around 1.5cm height) lives inside a 2cm diameter capsule carried by a larger Fuchico figure and was part of a magazine gift!

I have visited the Sanrio Expo 2016 during the trip, the exhibition was full of Gudetama.

Sanrio Expo held in Ōsaki. It is a show that is open to the public, let’s go and visit it next time.

The theme of Gudetama hall is Gudetama airline. All decoration is related to this theme, it is a good example for designing the display at LOG-ON.

Traveler’s Factory is located in Naka-Meguro, people can enjoy coffee inside, Traveler’s Notebook fans must go take a look.

If you want to know how to display a lot of small things in a limited area nicely, this is a good place to check out.

The Decibel machine near the construction site shows how detail-minded Japanese people are.

2016/02/02 Tokyo, Japan
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Star Ferry Party

Star Ferry Party

city’super and LOG-ON first-time collaborated with Midori and Star Ferry to present a limited “TRAVELER’S STAR EDTITION”. By this collaboration, we hold the 1st Official TRAVELER’S Notebook Hong Kong Gathering.

In LOG-ON Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City store, we had displayed the whole collection of TRAVELER’S STAR EDITION, which echo with the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier.

At the end of the party, campaign hosts of city’super and LOG-ON, TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK brand team, guests and all TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK fans took a group photo and each of us showed our own traveler’s notebook.

The last session of the campaign was LOG-ON TOGATHER Star Ferry Party. All Traveler’s Notebook fans could gather at Star Ferry and pass through on Vitoria Harbour. Fans could not only use the customization items provided by city’super and LOG-ON to decorate, even personalize, their notebook, but also meet the new friends from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan and share the experience of using notebook with each others.

2014/06/08 Star Ferry
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Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition


 2014/12/12 Frankfurt, Germany

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